Modern Timber Panels

People who want to achieve modern designs veer away from wood panels because they associate them with the 1970s. However, some concepts incorporate these panels to add depth and texture to any room. Though wall-to-wall panels may be a thing of the past, these present-day approaches to wood panels will inject a soothing atmosphere to your home.


This process allows you to convert old panels into a mix of white and other natural colours. The mild tones immediately impact the dated panelling to provide a vintage feel for bedrooms and living rooms. Try the latex paint on individual panels first before applying it to an entire wall. Proceed with the paint job if you like the result and use a cotton cloth to buff the paint.

Turn them horizontally

Add another dimension to your wall by placing wood panels horizontally. Since most panels are laid out vertically, horizontal panels take up less area and provide attractive dual-texture designs with a plaster wall.

Apply new paint

You can paint over wooden panels on the ceiling with a colour that matches the scheme of your room or kitchen. Combine it with stunning lighting, and you get texture change that adds more flair to the panels. Likewise, applying new paint tones down the wood’s natural colour makes cleaning easier.

Include modern furniture

Complement your panels with modern furniture that will serve as a centrepiece to the wooden backdrop. However, don’t get furniture with the same colour because they won’t provide a stunning contrast to the wood’s colour.

Maximize space with accessories

Divert attention from the panels in your living room by placing modern paintings or posters. Mirrors and bookshelves can also help fill the open spaces. Combining wooden panels with steel and concrete provides a balance between old and new school designs. Adding ample light will give your kitchen a cosy feel.

Jazz up your bathroom

Wooden panels are perfect for breaking the monotonous white paint in your bathroom. The wood’s texture exudes a spa-like feel that will bring you peace and comfort. Add some modern touches to strike harmony with your design.

Open concept homes

Despite the absence of walls, open concept designs use wooden panels to provide enough seclusion without entirely closing out an area. You can slide these panels to create more space and see the entire house in one glance.

3D Panels

Square-shaped wooden panels placed at various depths creates a wall of varying dimensions. The interlocking designs provide a stunning contrast to the design elements and create the illusion of additional space within your room.

Avoid the hassle and buy pre-cut timber

You won’t get disappointed with wooden panels from Timber 2 U Direct because they have been in business for about 60 years. As one of the leading timber companies in the UK, they have over 50 hardwood species in stock and will cut them according to your preferences.

They can suggest the appropriate wood for your needs and cut them a bit bigger as allowance. Each timber is individually wrapped to avoid scuffing during transport. Place your orders through their website now and receive your wood within 14-17 days.

If you are looking for made to measure timber that you can use to make wood panels, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.