cut to size Timber Decking

Have you always dreamt about relaxing on a chair in front of your home surrounded by your beautiful garden? If so, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home with some new decking!

Instead of spending the extra time on your hands sleeping or moping about, plan a decking project to transform your home. Other than being the perfect place to spend a beautiful evening, decking can benefit your home in many ways—improving its curb appeal and increasing the property’s overall value is just the beginning! 

That being said, creating a deck is not as simple as simply picking a spot and putting on some pieces of construction material to build decking. There are many considerations to be made to create the perfect decking. Here are three that will be game changers in whether or not your deck project comes out perfectly:

1. Location

The first and vital consideration you need to make is the location of the decking. If you have a large garden, you’ll have plenty of options as to the spot you want to use for a deck. If you do not have much space, then your options may be limited to one or two locations.

Either way, when selecting the area to install a deck, it is recommended that it faces either south-west or south-east. This way, the deck can enjoy the sun from sunrise to sunset. Many homeowners also look to attach their deck to their homes for easy access. If you prefer to have a separate deck, though, don’t let that trend stop you—a nice pathway to an expansive deck at the back of your yard is charming in an entirely different way!

2. Material

There are many wood materials you can build your deck out—pine, oak, and cedar, among others. These materials all help achieve different looks, but most importantly, dictate the durability of the deck.

If you do not mind carrying out annual maintenance for an affordable material, you can opt for softwood decking. This can be cedar, pine, fir, and the likes. If you want something a little more durable and do not mind the extra price, hardwood decking options like mahogany and oak are great choices. 

The most crucial thing to ensure is that the wood you work with is pressure treated. This ensures that the wood is treated with chemical preservatives, enhancing its durability and resistance to rot.

3. Design

The design, and the size, will generally depend on where the deck will be. It should also consider many other factors. For example, the more people who are going to use the deck, the bigger it needs to be. If you want to accommodate for other installations like a BBQ area, then you’ll need to budget the space for it.

Put simply, the design and size of your deck will depend on the location and things it needs to accomplish. Even the design of your home can affect how your deck should look. Because of this, you must take a lot of time to carefully think about how your deck should look, how big it should be, and so on.


Other than the considerations we have mentioned, there are a few others, such as railings, nails, and fencing, you will need to think about when creating your deck. If you find the whole process to be a lot harder than you would like, or that you need help completing the project, it may be a good idea to bring experts on board. Not only will they be able to help design and plan the perfect deck for you, but you will save a lot of time and money in the long run, too! By working with experts, you will end up with a decking that is better in every way, from aesthetics to construction.

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