3 practical tips for cut-to-size timmber decking

Managing your house’s decking allows you to add value and functionality to your living space. You can also welcome guests, enhance your curb appeal, and have unrestricted access to your outside space. However, if you have a poorly built and maintained decking, you may end up wasting your time and money. That’s why you have to do your research on what it takes to have the perfect decking. 

This article will discuss three basic tips to help you make well-informed decisions for building and maintaining your house deck. Take this as an opportunity to view your house’s exterior as an extension of your daily needs and wants. This way, you and your family can truly call your house a home! 

  1. Pick an appropriately-sized decking 

There’s no one-size-fits-all size for decking because it all boils down to your property’s size, your lifestyle, and the purpose of your outdoor space. It’s ultimately your decision how big or small the deck will be. That means you have to give some careful thought to your needs and preferences and ensure they fit your budget for construction and general maintenance.

For instance, let’s say you want to have a wide, luxurious deck for your house because it’s situated near a beach. You may want to have a place where you can eat snacks and dust off sand before entering the house. However, you may also realize that you aren’t at your property often and have to travel for your work. As a result, you may not even have time to enjoy your decking and its amenities. 

As such, you should choose a sizable decking that you know you and the rest of your household will be using for the duration of your stay at the property. You also want to pick deck-building materials that accentuate your exterior. The good news is you can easily consult with your building contractor and materials provider.

  1. Hire professional pressure washing services 

You may already have cleaning equipment ready for your convenient use, like a vacuum cleaner, mop, and disinfectant. But because we are talking about decking, you can expect it to be exposed to harsh weather conditions, debris, strong winds, and footprint streaks. You also have to remember that you cannot simply use different washing materials and chemicals since they may further damage your deck. 

The best way to keep your deck clean is to get pressure washing services. They can remove all the tough stains and make your outside space look brand new. You can also sand the decking before pressure washing for deep cleaning. 

  1. Use high-quality cut-to-size wood made for hardwood decking

Timber is the gold standard for great-quality decking that can withstand wear and tear. It means you have to buy the best cut-to-size wood to guarantee success. You also need to consider your budget, accuracy with measurements, different wood options, and maintenance costs. As such, you should consult with a reputable timber provider to meet your construction needs and preferences. 


The ideal deck for your house can be a worthwhile investment, provided that you plan for it carefully and ensure you adhere to proper maintenance. Fortunately, you now have the working knowledge necessary to guide you. You just need to have the perfect raw materials. Invest in your decking and other construction resources to build the perfect home today! 

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