shabby chic wooden skirting boards

For anyone looking to bring the most out of their home and explore the possibility of going for a low-maintenance interior, the idea of skirting boards is one that can never be overlooked.

When it comes to achieving a chic interior design that’s become the talk of the town among UK interior designers, skirting boards are a prerequisite for satisfactory results because of their unmatched look. Even though they may not seem like much at first, the skirting used to put a design together plays a crucial role in the final look because of how it enhances a room’s look and feel with ease!

Above all else, your choice of skirting boards will determine the final finish because of how it combines the elements of maximalism and vintage looks.

A few board options to consider for your next project

Now, as much as we can talk about how essential skirting boards are in achieving the desired design, the truth about picking an option is that it’s far more difficult because of the available choices. Fortunately, you can make your mind up before heading out to the store by brushing up on all the available options with this quick guide:

Option #1: Ogee skirting boards

These have become a standout option for designers and home builders alike because they have more contemporary styling to them.

Best suited for modern and traditional interiors, this type of skirting board is a crowd favourite because of its ability to offer a balanced look and feel that completes the shabby chic without overshadowing all else. If you’re looking for a board that will suit your design goals without having a decorative atmosphere that’s too over-the-top, then this option is for you!

Option #2: Antique/Torus skirting boards

Out of all the different options that you can find in the UK market, antique skirting boards are the ones that have stayed around the longest because of their unique and timeless appeal.

Regardless of what size you get, these boards are bound to work well no matter how you get them cut because they’re bound to deliver an eclectic look that leaves a lasting impact. With this skirting board option, you can rebirth your home’s look and make it feel more unique and inviting at the same time without becoming too campy.

Option #3: Lambs tongue skirting boards

Lambs tongue skirting boards, which are modelled after 18th-century mouldings found in old British homes, are an ode to the design trends of the past whose fundamental styling cues continue to be today.

Often perched on the more intensive side of the traditional design scale, colonial skirting employs intricate detailing that is particularly representative of older design cues that are maintained in ancestral homes. Suppose you find yourself aiming for a maximalist effect in the overall look and design of your space. In that case, experts recommend using these boards as they deliver an unhampered shabby chic without being overbearing!


Among all the different components that you can use to bring the best out of your home, none play a more crucial role than your skirting boards, especially if you choose the right options. By following this guide, you can ensure that your skirting choice is the best hit so that you won’t have to worry much when putting your project together!

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