Cut to size timber decking

As the home improvement movement continues to experience a rise in popularity, more and more UK homeowners aim to improve their houses one project at a time. From homemade swimming pools to simple driveway renovations, there is a wide range of different options that have manifested in British homes of all sizes.

Although each home improvement option bears some significance as to how amazing each home can look, however, there’s one particular project that stands out the most: decking.

Decking explained

Commonly referred to as a staple part of any British home, decking essentially acts as the cornerstone of any home’s character and all the memories that are made within it.

Generally speaking, any example of decking acts as a gathering area that’s used to bring the best out of any outdoor space and make it more fun for every family member, friend, or acquaintance. With even more UK homeowners opting for decking to enhance the way their outdoor spaces look and feel, however, a particular question continues to be asked: “how can I make my decking design as safe as possible?

Safety-conscious decking design made easy

With homeowners taking a stronger preference for increased safety when constructing their decking, most fear that making their outdoor fixture safe can be a fairly complicated process. Fortunately, putting a more-than-safe decking set-up together is a task that only entails taking three details into consideration:

  • Having a slip-free surface
  • Having a structure to hold on to
  • Having an easier time seeing

If you’ve been meaning to improve the overall safety of your home’s decking set-up in a most affordable way possible, let’s look at every key component in further detail:

A slip-free surface: slip-resistant decking materials

The most cost-effective way to approach the task of keeping your decking slip-free is to opt for an appropriate slip-resistant decking material that ensures safety for all weather conditions and activities. For instance, a capped composite decking can help keep everything in order while everyone enjoys their time on your decking because it’s moisture-resistant, dries faster than other options, and lasts longer.

A structure to hold on to: handrails

By using a handrail system, not only can you keep your decking as safe as possible, but you’ll also help add some style by inserting a sense of sleekness and stylishness. Certain options, such as composite deck railings, can act as a form of support that helps older relatives or handicapped individuals by giving them something to grab onto as they make their way up and down the decking.

An easier time seeing: lighting

Aside from the fact that they work great for adding aesthetic value to any kind of outdoor setting, proper lighting is also an utmost safety feature that helps visitors avoid hazards while they’re on the deck. With the help of overhead lighting systems or built-in deck lights, you’ll be able to keep everyone on the decking safe while adding a captivating motif that keeps visitors coming back for more!


Approaching the task of putting a safe decking setup together is an endeavour that takes great attention to detail but doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. By taking the three key details mentioned in this article into consideration, it will be much easier to create a safe space where everyone can have a good time while staying out of harm’s way!

If you are in the UK and are looking for made to measure decking your home, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!