Wood in interior design

A house may probably be one of the most significant financial investments you will ever make, which is why it must serve as your shelter and protection for many decades to come. A house must be solid and sturdy, but that is easier said than done. Houses need to be maintained, upgraded, and repaired. 

The Right Material

How do you ensure that your house remains tough and resistant to the elements? It all comes down to the materials you use to design and build your home. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from; you can explore each option and find out what works best for you. But the downside is that some of the materials can be too expensive for your liking.

Does this mean you’ll have to settle for less and expect to have a worn-down house in a few years? Of course not! Even though the options are more limited, there are still great yet cost-effective options that can provide the necessary durability and style—like timber.

Timber Is the Answer

Timber is an excellent choice for your home construction and design. Not only does it have a lower environmental impact than other building materials, but it also ages naturally and does not break down into environmentally-damaging material. 

Since it is a staple in home construction and design, it is readily available. You can easily order made-to-measure timber from anywhere in the country.

Incorporating Timber in Your Home

Timber has a light, dense, and grainy structure, so it is very easy to work with, especially since there are many highly-developed types of machinery to cut, drill, and prepare it. It also adds an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. 

This versatile material is not only limited to framing buildings, but you can also use it for the interior of your house. Here are a few ways you can incorporate timber in your home:

Weather Bar

A timber weather bar is an important feature to include in your home. This provides a nice finishing touch to your external door and windows and protects them against rain and snow. 

Hardwood Decking

The deck is the best place in your home to enjoy the spring and summer seasons with your family. It’s a great area to hold get-togethers or just to breathe in the warm summer air. If you want your deck to last many years, you will need to use the right materials. Hardwood decking,  for example, is strong and durable enough to withstand the long winter days.


You can use timber in your furniture to spruce up the interior of your home. You can choose from many types. If you want a rustic, vintage feel, go for furniture made of reclaimed wood, but if you wish to bring a textural element to the interiors without clashing tones, you can just paint your timber furniture.


Since timber is easy to work with, you can use it in unconventional ways, like in light fixtures. They give a nice touch to the lighting and add a bit of shadow and warmth to a room.


Timber is the perfect material to use, whether for constructing your house frame or just for decorative purposes. This versatile wood is perfect for those looking for high quality but affordable options. Just make sure to buy your timber from a reputable and trusted supplier.

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