Working With Western Red Cedar

Before you begin any building projects, consider including the use of Western Red Cedar. This type of wood has gained much popularity and reputation for its durability, naturally vibrant colours, and the myriad of benefits. Because of this, it has become very popular in many building projects as it can withstand the forces of nature and yet remain to look good.

Here are five benefits you will enjoy when utilising Western Red Cedar as part of your construction projects.

1. It protects against fires

If you need a fire-resistant material, Western Red Cedar should be your first choice. With its ability to meet Building Code Level 3 and exceeds meeting the minimum fire safety requirements, this wood is excellent for interior use. For external applications, the wood can even score the second-lowest level in Bushfire Attacks Level at 12.5, depending on how it is implemented, along with other precautions.

2. It is sustainable

In terms of environmental performance, any natural products are far superior to any human-made synthetic materials and products. Western Red Cedar, then, is unsurprisingly excellent at reducing greenhouse gases. It is also renewable and biodegradable, which is a wonderful benefit when it comes to being environmentally friendly. What makes Western Red Cedar sustainable is the abundance of the type of wood found in managed forests.

3. It is durable and resistant

Western Red Cedar is known to be one of the most durable and stable types of timber available. It is resistant to warping, shrinking, and cupping. Even without applying a layer of protective coating, this wood is still exceptionally durable because of the natural chemicals found in the timber. It helps prevent termites, decay, and moisture from damaging and breaking down the wood.

4. It has acoustic properties

Internal use of Western Red Cedar allows for sounds made inside a room to be easily absorbed and dissipated, keeping your space private. External application of the wood allows for additional soundproofing, keeping the area inside nice and quiet. This is due to the cellular structure of the wood, on top of additional tweaking and engineering. With the use of Western Red and additional materials, it makes for the perfect choice for any projects that require noise reduction. Spaces such as music rooms, conference halls, and auditoriums could benefit from using this wood.

5. It improves aesthetics

With the natural colour that Western Reds come with, it is pleasing to the eye. It is a designer’s dream come true. With its crisp colours and tones, any indoor and outdoor spaces can be transformed into something lively and beautiful. Because of this, Western Red Cedar is one of the top choices of timber or any material for that matter, in increasing aesthetics in modern designs.

If you’re wondering how you should use this marvellous timber, consider where it works best on your home, whether internally or externally. With all the benefits this wood has to offer, it only makes sense that you’d want to integrate Western Red Cedar into every building project you may have in mind.

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