Planed All Round Timber What Is It For?

Timber has long been one of the most popular building materials. It is said that because of its sustainability, superior insulation, and its low CO2 emissions, timber is the building material of both the past and future. Many contractors and construction experts have a preference for timber in comparison to steel and brick. 

If you are planning to build a structure soon, you may want to consider using timber instead of other types of materials. Timber is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has an extremely distinct smell. This article will shed some light on the reasons to use timber on your next construction project!

5 Reasons Timber Is the Superior Building Material

Whether you’re looking to build a deck or a detached guest house, these are the top reasons to consider using timber instead of other building material options:

1 – It Speeds Up the Process

In comparison to using concrete, steel or brick, timber will be readily available when you need it. There will be no need to mix or wait for it to dry or set before you can use it. Also, after installation, if you will need to paint it, you will be able to do so right away unlike the other materials mentioned above. In essence, using timber will speed up the construction process.

2 – Low Cost

Depending on where you get your materials, the costs for each type will vary. In most cases, the initial cost of timber may be cheaper than steel but marginally more expensive than brick. Once you’ve factored in long-term maintenance costs, though, you’ll find that timber requires little maintenance and will remain durable even as years pass by.

3 – Thermal Efficiency

Timber is a wonderfully effective material when it comes to insulation. It is great at keeping the cold out and the warmth in during the colder months. On the other hand, it is also effective at keeping the interior of a building cool during the hotter months.

4 – Eco-Friendly

Timber production is one of the least harmful to the environment, with steel production being one of the highest contributors to pollution. Using timber is a much more eco-friendly and sustainable type of building material that will make your home beautiful and structurally sound.

5 – Aesthetics

Lastly, but definitely not least, timber is beautiful. A home that is made of timber will never go out of style. It can be decorated in whatever style you choose and it will always look attractive. 


For practical reasons, timber should be the building material of choice when you build a new structure or even as you renovate an existing building. This is one of the most convenient materials to use because it looks beautiful whether you shoes to paint it or to leave it the way it is. You can choose to hang pictures and art on it by nailing frames on timber, or you can customize it in seemingly countless other ways. The sky’s the limit when it comes to timber!

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