Siberian Larch made to measure timber

Picking out materials for your house is always an exciting experience, as there’s a world of products that can instantly transform your property into the exact way you want it. While you’re scouting for contenders from companies, you probably don’t know the reason these businesses select these specific offerings in their roster. At Timber 2 U Direct, we choose only the best types of wood that meets our standards, which is why Siberian Larch is one of our mainstays.

Our made to measure timber is available in this unique wood, which boasts a light red-brown to brick red colour with visibly marked annual rings. This material is perfect for doors, window frames, staircases, and flooring, making them an excellent addition to your home. Here are five reasons Siberian Larch is the ideal choice for you:

  1. It’s Incredibly Strong

Even though the classification of Siberian Larch is a type of softwood, it is exceptionally dense. It grows very slowly compared to other trees, as it takes 15 years to reach maturity. It also reaches about 20 to 40 metres high, averaging 1 metre in diameter. This natural thickness and bulk make it a super-strong wood that is incredibly long-lasting. 

  1. It’s Warp Resistant

A problem with most types of timber is that they tend to warp or bend because of moisture level changes. The more moisture the wood is exposed to, especially when in the elements, the more it contracts or expands, resulting in warping. As Siberian Larch is naturally very dense, it is instantly protected from warping as the moisture cannot penetrate it as quickly as it can with other types of wood. Our cut to size timber in Siberian Larch will give you the strength and sturdiness you’ve always wanted in your home. 

  1. It’s Durable 

Another issue that many wood types run into is that they tend to rot and decay over time, mostly when left untreated. However, since Siberian Larch takes over a decade to mature, it also allows the tree more time to supply itself with even more resin, generating a remarkably high resistance to decay and rot. Harmful substances responsible for these processes in other trees have a much more difficult time penetrating Siberian Larch, making it resistant not just to warping, but also to decaying.

Siberian Larch is also a stunning wood with attractive grain and texture thanks to its density. Like the Red Cedar, it ages beautifully, as it starts with a lush gold tone that eventually turns into a silvery grey. This characteristic attracts many people to the wood.

  1. It Repels Insects

Some wood types make the perfect home and meal for different bugs. However, another advantage to Siberian Larch is that it repels insects naturally, thanks to its tightly packed resins that are filled with antiseptic properties. Since these resins are inherently part of the wood, you won’t have to take any additional steps like applying a repellant coating to protect it from insects. The artificial repellant coating also eventually wears off, which can affect the appearance of your Siberian Larch. Thanks to this feature, Siberian Larch is a great candidate for fencing or decking.

  1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, Siberian Larch is incredibly sustainable, as its natural growth rate means that it grows more than the rate at which it is harvested. When you choose this wood, you’ll be consciously taking part in the movement to select more environmentally conscious decisions, making it the better choice. For every Siberian Larch tree that is felled, five more are planted, giving you peace of mind over your buying options for your home.


Siberian Larch is a beautiful wood to choose for your house, given its unique properties and density. With its natural beauty and resistance to the elements, insects, and harmful substances, it’s a durable material that will add both visual appeal and resilience to your property. Whether you’re working on a garden project or looking for a sturdy material for your door frames, Siberian Larch can do it all.

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