Wall cladding is a great way to help make a home more comfortable and functional. It provides an additional layer of structural integrity, which can help to keep the house in better condition. Additionally, wall cladding can help to increase the energy efficiency level of your home by adding another layer of insulation to the building.

Of all the materials used in wall cladding, timber is known to be one of the most sustainable, durable, and affordable options out there. You can find timbers in just about any home appliance store, which makes it the most accessible materials you can ever find. Plus, timber suits just about any aesthetic, design, or style, so you can be sure that there’s the perfect timber wall cladding option for you out there.

If you don’t believe that timber wall cladding is a great option, here are six reasons why you should think otherwise:

1. It Offers Perfect Aesthetics

When it first arrives, your timber will likely have that matte, wooden brown finish that you can expect to see on any type of wood material. As it ages, the material will start to fade into a slightly silvery-grey colour that will provide a beautiful rustic appearance for your home. If you love a home with a raw and natural look, timber is a fantastic option for you. It helps your house to blend right into the woodland backdrop, which will make it feel more comfortable as a whole.

2. It’s Easy to Install

Another great benefit of timber is that it’s an incredibly flexible material compared to other wall cladding options such as stone and steel. Timber is pliable, which means that it can be made to fit any wall from any angle. This makes the installation process for timber cladding incredibly easy and convenient.

3. It Boasts Unrivalled Insulative Properties

As mentioned, wood has much more effective insulative properties compared to stone and steel, which means that it can prevent the temperature from outside the room from coming through. This will help to cut down on your energy costs, as you won’t have to turn your HVAC settings up to keep the temperature inside the room regulated.

4. It’s an Eco-Friendly Option

Wood is completely biodegradable and recyclable, which makes it the most eco-friendly option out there. While steel may be repurposed, the process of doing that still produces quite a large amount of CO2 and other toxic gases. When you’re repurposing wood, you can simply cut it up or reshape it to fit with your needs without having to burn anything.

5. It’s an Affordable Solution

Timber is a lot cheaper compared to stone and steel. If you’re looking for an affordable wall cladding option, timber is hands-down the best option on the market.

6. It’s Completely Flexible

Lastly, timber can be used for both internal and external wall cladding. You can be sure that no matter what you’re looking to do with the walls, you will be able to find a timber cladding solution for it. This makes timber the most flexible solution you could find.

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