Timber cut to size wood for staircases

In any type of home––whether a mansion, apartment, or farm side estate—one essential focal point that plays a crucial role in the way an interior design looks and feels is the staircase.

Although many people may know their staircases as a path that they walk up and down nearly every day, the truth is that these centrepieces have a bigger purpose than most people expect. Whether you’re following a contemporary interior design or sticking to a Victorian-era appeal, your home’s stairs have a say in the aesthetics of your interior.

While people may adore their staircases and authentically cherish them from top to bottom, the reality is that they’re no strangers to the wear and tear brought about with time. After many years, you’ll most likely notice that the paint on the sidings has chipped off, the wood elements are faded, and the metal pieces are less shiny than they used to be.

Seeing that the stairs are the first element you’ll see when entering your home, it’s best to ensure that you get to restore them to their former glory the right way.

The problem with renovating or restoring a staircase, however, is that it can be quite costly for most people because of the rising costs and fees associated with the task. Fortunately, it is possible to cut costs on bringing your focal point back to its former glory by resorting to some TLC with your hands and skills!

Restoration made easy: a step-by-step guide to consider

If you’re looking to nurse your beloved staircase back to perfect health but don’t exactly know where to begin, here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to ensure a successful project:
Step #1: Come up with your plan

Before you bring out the tools and elbow grease, the first step in renovating your staircase is to come up with a solid plan that will guide all your efforts. During the planning process, consider what tasks you’ll need to follow and the order they’ll need to be carried out, what type of wood you’ll order, and other touches you’ll want to add. Once your plan is put together, you can go ahead with the following steps!

Step #2: Work on your risers and steps and consider getting other replacements

Now that you’ve got the plan together, you can give your steps and risers the love they need by swapping them out for fresh wooden pieces. During this process, you’ll have to remove both the steps and risers themselves so that you can properly measure them and get the right-sized counterparts. Fortunately, you won’t have to do cutting yourself because you can just send the dimensions over to Timber 2U Direct and we’ll take care of the cutting and polishing for you!

Once you get your step and riser replacements, however, you may have to push back the installation process if your staircase needs a deeper level of TLC. During this step, you may also want to consider taking out your glass panels, spindles, handrails, and base rails to have them refurbished and replaced for a more thorough treatment!

Step #3: Sand down your base and repaint it

As soon as you have all the components stripped off, you’ll be left with your base staircase that can either be retouched or fully stripped bare and repainted, depending on your discretion. This process, however, may be lengthy, so you may have to take a full day or two to sand down your staircase, prime it up, and apply the final paint (and any additional coatings) for a fully-renovated look!

Step #4: Install all the other components

After you’ve completed repainting the base and brought it back to perfect shape, all you’ll have to do now is install the other components that you took off to refurbish or replace! In a process that’s simply the reverse of what you did in step two, you’ll quickly see the merits of your hard work come together!


No matter how daunting it may sound to renovate your home’s staircase, the process is relatively straightforward if you head in with determination, especially with the right tips in mind. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to revive your staircase in no time and whip it right into shape so that it gets the treatment it deserves without having to break the bank!

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