Cut to size window boards and window sills

One saying that will always apply in the home improvement world is that the devil is in the details, regardless of what room you’re planning to transform.

Whether it’s the handles on your bedroom cabinets or the shelving in your communal bathrooms, the bits and pieces that may not seem like much at first are guaranteed to make more significant impacts. As you delve deeper into interior designing while improving your home, you’ll most likely notice that even the seemingly-negligible pieces are well worth researching on!

Out of all the different details that you’ll need to take care of when improving your home and taking its visual impact and appeal to the next level, there are two that you should get familiar with: your window sills and trims. 

Think window sills and trims aren’t important? Think again

While many uninformed homeowners will argue that the glass is the essential part of a window design because it is the biggest piece, the truth is that the sills and trim that encase it are just as vital.

Apart from being responsible for keeping elements out and making windows themselves even more energy-efficient, the trims and sills which envelope them also impact the overall design of a home’s interior. These two components call for much research and understanding because the full range of options that comprise them can send an interior design project in any direction. 

Many homeowners end up getting lost when it comes to choosing their window sills and trims because they underestimate just how vast the possibilities indeed are. Fortunately, making sure that you end up with the best choices that suit your home’s needs and immaculately bring its interior styling together isn’t painstakingly tricky as it seems!

Style factors to consider when making your next choices

Seeing that window sills and trims play a crucial role in the visual and functional aspects of your home’s living experience, it pays to research on what factors you’ll need to consider. If you’re looking to overhaul your windows and transform them into stellar pieces of functional design, here are three factors to consider when putting your project together: 

Trim styles

Ever since the beginning of interior designing and its continuous evolution, the field has made way for the creation and development of various styles that each have their corresponding appropriate uses and personalities. From simple picture frame-style trims to intricate Prairie, Victorian, Rustic, Contemporary spinoffs, the full range of options you can consider when selecting a style you want to build on is nearly-endless. This essentially means that you should do your research before picking a style to use. 

Trim and sill colours

Another crucial factor that you’ll need to take into mind when piecing your window sill and trim renovation project together for success is the colour that you’ll be using for your assembly.

From a traditional standpoint, the colour you use for your sill and trim pieces must be the same while complementing or watching with the wall your window is on. If you’re going for a more playful or standout approach, however, then you can have these two pieces in different, yet complementary colour choices which also match the wall a window is placed on!

The choice of wood

Regardless of the style that you’re going for, the most significant choice you’ll need to make when sifting through the different options is the type of wood the sill and trim are made of. 

When chosen carefully, the type of wood for these two details can lend a considerable influence on the overall look and feel of the entire assembly because of how much impact wooden materials hold. Fortunately, you can ensure a high-quality result by getting your pieces from a dedicated wood specialist—such as Timber2UDirect—that will point you in the right direction! 


Both your window sill and trim are two details that you’ll need to start deliberating on if you want to achieve a top-quality finish for your next project because they have significant impacts you can’t overlook. With the help of this guide, you can enter your window transformation project with a more well-informed perspective that will reward you accordingly if you stick to it!

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