It’s that time of year again, and like everyone else, Timber 2 U Direct, an Essex timber yard, are starting to get into the festive spirit. At Christmas, there is nothing we love more than a tree! Although neither Timber 2 U Direct nor Brooks Bros LTD sell Christmas trees, we know that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with your tree. This year, let Timber 2 U Direct push you in the right direction with our Christmas tree guide. 

History of the Christmas tree

The tradition of Christmas trees, as we know them, has been around since the 16th century. Devout Christians in Germany would bring trees into their home to decorate for the season. Others used a pyramid of logs, decorated with candles.  The lights added to Christmas trees were originally candles, meant to symbolise the stars of the night sky.

Many years before this, as early as the 4th century, European Pagans would bring branches of evergreens into their homes to bring colour in the winter. There is also evidence of Romans using branches as decoration during the festival of Saturnalia, which was from December 17th to December 23rd, to honour the God Saturn.

Christmas trees in the UK 

Many people think that Queen Victoria’s German husband Albert bought the Christmas tree tradition over to England, but this is not the case. Although the tradition did originate in Germany, it was actually introduced to England by King George III in the Georgian era. His wife was German and would decorate a tree for her family in the 1790’s. Victoria and Albert were the ones who made it fashionable, which is why many people think they started the tradition in Britain. Victorian Christmas trees were originally decorated with fabric, straw, candles, and sweets. The first manufactured tree decorations were sold by Woolworths in 1860!

Types of Christmas trees 

Our Essex timber yard love all things trees and timber – especially Christmas trees that come in all shapes and size. There are three main types of Christmas tree in the UK. Those are Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir, and Norway Spruce. There are other types available, but those three are the main types that are sold during the Christmas period. Many people choose these types of trees for the wonderful smell they provide and the traditional Christmas tree shape.  

Obviously, we favour the real tree here at Timber 2 U Direct, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a fake one.

Trees for small homes 

If you are a little tight for space this year, you will need to choose a tree that isn’t too big, meaning you will want to consider the height and the width of your tree. The most popular tree height is six or seven foot, however, Fraser and Noble Firs are likely to be much smaller and narrower, and they look perfect within the modern home.

If you don’t have enough space for this, why not consider getting a potted miniature tree. This can be displayed on any surface and will still look just as festive once you decorate it!

Christmas trees for larger spaces 

An Essex timber yard such as ourselves has more than enough room for storing our timber, which means we have enough space for a bigger tree. If you also find that you have enough space for a larger Christmas tree this winter, why not consider a Norway Spruce. These are the types you will usually find in town centres, churches, or town halls. This type of evergreen tree grows quicker than others and is naturally wider – unless pruned. 

Keeping your house clean 

Real trees can be a nightmare; the needles go everywhere! Did you know, there are certain types of Christmas tree that actually drop less needles? This means you can spend less time hoovering this year and more time celebrating. The Nordmann Fir is one of those with a low drop rate. They have thick and glossy needles, allowing for good needle retention. The same can be said for the Fraser Fir Christmas trees. Fraser Fir trees also have a lovely citrus smell that makes them an attractive option for a Christmas tree. 

If you are planning to put your tree near a radiator or in a warm room, a tree with a low drop rate is the best option as heat can cause trees to drop their needles faster. Also, for those with pets and children that are likely to brush past your trees, having a tree with low needle retention is a smart idea. 

What to do with your tree after Christmas 

Not everyone has the capabilities that our Essex timber yard does; you won’t be able to turn your Christmas tree into timber. However, there are a few ways you can get rid of your tree. Many areas have a Christmas tree collection service that will take your tree away from your front door. They will then dispose of your tree in an eco-friendly way. Alternatively, you could cut the tree down yourself and use it as fire wood. There are also a few companies who are starting to emerge that run a hire-a-tree service, this way you can just return your tree when it’s done where it will continue to be cared for in the right way. 

Festive timber from an Essex Timber Yard

If you’re looking to make sure your home is perfect for Christmas, a tree is not the only addition you can add. Timber 2 U Direct, an Essex timber yard, offer a wide range of made to measure timbers that you can use to upgrade your home furnishing and cladding in time for the festive season. From Oak to WalnutDouglas Firto Pine, we have a large range of options, no matter your project. We will even deliver to your door from our Essex timber yard, so you don’t have to leave the house in the cold! 

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today or call us on 0115 993 1111.