If you have searched the words ‘buy timber near me’ and have been overwhelmed by the choice, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Knowing which timber yard to choose can seem like a hard task. Here at Timber 2 U Direct, we want to make it even easier. In this blog post, we’re going to talk more about who we are, what we stand for and what we sell, so you can feel confident when deciding where to buy your materials from.

Who are we?

When choosing a company to purchase your timber supplies, it really helps to get to know where they started.

Timber 2 U Direct are the online trading arm of Brooks Bros LTD. We aim to offer quality assured, made-to-measure timber.

Brooks Bros LTD started out over 50 years ago as a River Thames timber porter. Today, they are one of the UKs leading timber suppliers, running mainly from the Southeast of England and across the country. Throughout the years, Brooks Bros has remained independent, combining family values with the ambition to meet the demands of a wide variety of customers. Timber 2 U Direct can deliver directly to your door from any Brooks Bros timber yards . This allows for a national distribution service and quick delivery times.

Exceptional customer service

We are undeniably committed to providing a quality service for all our customers, no matter how big or small their project may be. Across Timber 2 u Direct and Brooks Bros LTD, we have a workforce of over 300 people. They are the backbone of ensuring the company runs smoothly. They make sure every client gets an unmatched level of customer service. Our team are all passionate about quality timber, and we have an array of specialists who have knowledge within the industry, providing you with tailored expertise.

What makes us unique?

The ‘staple diet’ of Timber 2 U Direct is our vast selection of stock of over 50 different species of timber. These include source-verified American, European and tropical hardwoods. We also have clear grade softwoods and European redwoods. Our curated stock list means we have become experts in every product we sell and, we can pick and match timber to suit your projects.

Each piece of timber we deliver to you is made-to-measure to your requirements; we will also give you a little extra to allow you to crosscut if you need to. Our delivery is between 14-17 days so you can be working on your next timber project in no time.

Buy timber near me: our UK locations

If you are searching ‘buy timber near me’ it’s likely you want to choose a company who are local and who can deliver quickly. As previously mentioned, our delivery times are within 14-17 days. We are able to offer an excellent timeframe due to our multitude of locations across the country.

Danbury and Maldon

Two of our more notable timber yards are situated in Essex – Danbury and Maldon (just outside of Chelmsford). The Maldon site stores a large amount of sawn temperate hardwoods from North America and Europe. It also holds tropical hardwoods from Africa, the Far East and South America. The Danbury site occupies 12 acres and is home to our clear softwoods and decking components. Both sites have team members who are ready to measure and grade your timber to specific requirements upon request.


The Nottingham timber yard was bought in 2002. This site offers hardwoods, softwoods, components for decking and hardwood flooring. As with the other two sites, all of these can be measured and cut to customer requirements.


To allow for the expansion of our services, in 2008 we moved from Burscough to a site in Skelmersdale. This meant our delivery trucks had direct access to the North of England via the M28. Our goods could then be delivered to Yorkshire, Shropshire and North Wales. This undercover storage is stocked with hardwoods, softwoods and other materials.

Our sustainability

One thing we strive for as a company is sustainability. As an extension of Brooks Bros, the team at Timber 2 U Direct, follow the same environmental strategy when it comes to protecting our planet for the future. Brooks Bros are industry leaders in sustainability and have an ambitious strategy with a strong focus on reporting publicly. We like to be transparent and honest with our customers, so they know exactly what steps we are taking to improve and continue with our sustainability. Almost all the timber we supply is FSC or PEFC certified. We also ensure we purchase and supply within the Government Timber Procurement Policy with previous guidance from the Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET).

As a company, we are also dedicated to providing a work environment that is free from human tracking, unlawful child labour or force labour. We strongly believe we have a responsibility to promote ethical and lawful employment practices. Timber 2 U Direct expects our suppliers and subcontractors to take the same stance.

We are constantly evolving and developing our environmental programme with the help of experts and guidance.

Timber 2 U Direct concludes

Still not sure were to get your timber from? Let’s summarise what we have covered in this blog post. Timber 2 U Direct offer made-to-measure timber services from multiple locations within the UK. We will deliver directly to your door, so if one of our locations is a little further from you – no need to panic.

Our team are passionate about what we do and have expert knowledge and skills so you know you will be getting the best possible service. Not only this but we are dedicated to providing a sustainable business model, working within government guidelines to make sure as a company we are sustainable for the future.

You no longer have to search ‘buy timber near me’! Now you know what we’re all about, get in touch with our friendly team today!