Oak Cladding

When it comes to home exterior projects, specifically in terms of cladding, most architects use softwood, such as Canadian Western Red Cedar, British Larch, and European Redwood for their projects. This is because such materials are easy to work with, able to resist bacteria, and is not affected by moisture or termites.

While softwood materials are certainly the top pick of architects and home builders, some prefer hardwood, such as Oak timber for a variety of reasons.

Strength & Durability

Oak timber is classified as a hardwood species mainly because of its density, which usually is above 670kg per cubic meter. Softwood has a particularly lower mass of around 390kg per cubic meter. With higher density, oak timber is not only heavier, but also stronger and more durable.

The toughness of Oak timber makes it a perfect material for exterior cladding, as it can withstand any weather conditions. Oak timber will also resist the other forces of nature, such as fungal attacks, termites, and moisture.


Though highly popular as a construction material for many hundreds, even thousands of years, its use as an exterior cladding material is also increasing in popularity due to its appearance. Its golden yellowish color with a distinguishable grain makes it perfect for cladding. However, its shade can differ depending on the soil properties of the area where the tree grew, the weather conditions, the grade of the wood, and other factors. Over time, Oak timber is expected to take on a more silvery tone.


Not only is oak wood an excellent material for exterior cladding, but it is popular in home interior settings as well. Its high density makes it a perfect choice for furniture, flooring, windows, doors, and outdoor decks. Because of its durability and beauty, many architects now also use it for interior wood cladding.

Oakwood is also commonly used in homes that mainly used wood for its structure because it’s from a hardwood species. Its toughness makes it perfect as timber frames, floors, and roofing beams.

Because of its distinct properties, oak wood is now one of the most sought after construction materials. It is suitable for almost every part of the home, from the basic structure to the exterior and interior elements, and even furniture or any other item where wood is required.

Exterior/Interior Cladding

When it comes to home interior or exterior cladding, oak wood is becoming a trend amongst architects and home builders. Many commercial establishments are also taking advantage of its durability and beauty. Today, you can see oak wood being used in the construction of schools and even large commercial facilities.

If you’re interested in using oak wood as an exterior or interior cladding for your home or commercial establishment, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve produced a handy guide for using oak wood. In this guide, we provide tips and other useful information that is guaranteed to familiarize you with Oakwood, one of the best construction materials today.

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