Cut to size wood as a building material

For many centuries, timber has been used to build strong and long-lasting structures. It is one of the building blocks of any DIY project. So, if you plan to use timber for your project, it’s important to understand the basics of timber to help you envision how and why you should use it in your projects. 

  1. It Is the Most Sustainable Building Material

Timber is the most sustainable, which means the trees don’t get depleted or permanently damaged. As long as the trees are given time, they will grow naturally. Therefore, there’s no energy or other raw material needed to make this. And yes, its supply can be never-ending as long as they are harvested right. 

  1. Hardwood and Softwood Refer to the Type of Tree Where Timber Comes From

Yes, hardwood and softwood have nothing to do with the strength of the material. Hardwoods come from tree types that flower plants and keep seeds in an outer casing. On the other hand, softwoods come from evergreen trees that spread their seeds on the ground through nuts or cones. 

  1. Oak and Pine Are the Best Types of Timber

If you’re looking for a hardwood option, oak is by far the best. Meanwhile, pine is the most popular softwood, which is also known as the most affordable. 

  1. A Timber Building Can Last 

A timber house can last as long as a brick building. This is because, unbeknownst to many, timber performs better than brick, especially in areas prone to strong winds and other natural disasters. 

  1. Timber Homes Are More Energy-Efficient

Compared to brick or concrete counterparts, timber homes are more energy-efficient. This is because wood is a natural energy conservationist that can store heat, making it an excellent insulator because of the space between its cells. At night, when the temperature drops, the wood will release its heat that it has stored back into the home. 

  1. It’s Not Only for Construction

Timber isn’t only used for construction. You can also use this to build various types of sport and leisure equipment and garden furniture. 

  1. It’s a Natural Electrical Insulator

Besides being a natural thermal insulator, timber is also resistant to electrical currents. This makes it an excellent material for electrical insulation. So, if electrical safety is your biggest concern, you will find timber as an ideal material to use for your projects because of its non-conductive properties. 

  1. It’s Great for Acoustics

Wood contains acoustic properties that can absorb sounds and echoes. That is why it’s the choice of building construction where the acoustics are crucial, especially in concert halls. Timber is also the perfect option if you’re conscious of keeping your volume levels low for your neighbours. 


Isn’t timber great? These facts prove that timber is an excellent material to use for almost any types of building. So, if you’re thinking of the best material that can last long, is energy-efficient and is cost-effective, timber is definitely the way to go. All you need to do are find quality timber materials and a good contractor, and you’re all set. 

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