Mitred Butt Joint

The butt joint is a standard woodworking fixture that combines two pieces at a right angle. However, while it gets the job done, basic butt joints lack aesthetics because the grain in one of the boards is evident. To upgrade its looks, you can create a mitred butt joint instead. It’s just as strong as the standard but undoubtedly more pleasing than its counterpart.

Attain precise angles

Precision is the most critical aspect of the standard and mitred butt joints. Therefore, you must determine the joint’s angle first and divide that by two to determine the cut required for each board. If you are creating a 90-degree connection, you will need a compound mitre saw to achieve 45-degree angle cuts to match the boards with the same width perfectly.

Mitred joints are also applicable to other angles. If you are creating an octagon picture frame, then each of the eight sides must be at 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Therefore, you must use the mitred saw to cut 22 ½-degree angles on every edge to complete the butt joints. Likewise, you need a 30-degree mitre on each end of the two boards if you need a 60-degree final angle.

Glue the joints together

Wood glue is enough to hold a basic butt joint together. However, you’ll need more glue because both sides of the glued joint will coincide with the end grain. Therefore, you must ensure that the panels properly fit each other and keep them dry for the glue to hold both panels together firmly.

If you are creating a picture frame, cut all sides according to length and angle first before checking if they achieve right angles without gaps. You can then glue the parts together if they perfectly fit each other.

Fasten the joints for strength

There are instances when the glue is not enough to hold a mitred butt joint together. Therefore, you can use a woodworking clamp to strengthen the bond of the wooden panels before using nails or screws to provide lateral strength.

Use a brad nailer to drive the fastener through one end of the adjoining joint board. Then, follow it up with another nail through the opposite board and into the end grain to strengthen the joints. Likewise, you must pre-drill the joints of hardwood to avoid splitting when installing screws.

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