Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is becoming increasingly popular as a material used on building exteriors due to its stunning beauty. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it is also practical and offers a lot of benefits.

Cladding is a material that can be attached to the building’s exterior to provide a functional and decorative finish. Timber cladding usually comes in boards that are narrow, long, and overlapped. In some cases, it can come on panel or shingles form. It can be installed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally (which is the most popular method), depending on what look you want to achieve.

Cladding completely changes the appearance of a building. From eco-friendly to renewable materials to fashion accessories, timber cladding transforms old buildings into new and exciting projects. Timber cladding has been used in buildings for many purposes, such as adjusting the aesthetics, providing thermal insulation, waterproofing, or a combination of all three reasons. Due to its complex building process, cladding should only be done by a licensed and skilled professional.

Timber cladding has been widely used by architects and designers as a great solution to create a stunning building. Here are some tips on how to maximise the benefits of timber cladding:

Maintain and Protect

Protecting and coating timber cladding is a must to ensure that it is safe against moisture, insects, and rot. There are various types of coatings you can use that provide slightly different finishes and benefits. The type of coating you apply could also affect the appearance of cladding, so make sure that you put a thorough consideration and planning during the design stages.

Use the Right Species

Various timber cladding species are available in the market. Since every species behaves a bit differently from one another, it is crucial that you pick the one that is best suited to the nature of your project. Even though the colour and appearance of the wood may seem the most important factor to consider in choosing the species, you also need to take into consideration its texture, maintenance, cost, and durability.

Consider the Surroundings

Before you start investing in timber cladding, it is worth thinking about how this material will complement the surrounding environment. Pay close attention to even the littlest detail and make sure that the cut-to-size timber cladding sits well with the surroundings. It should also help you make the most out of any building material and make something really special and unique. Using materials that create a clear, daring contrast, or using trees and plants to blend into nature, can help transform a dull and average building into something that has a huge impact and a lasting impression on the local community.


Timber cladding is an amazing building material with lots of scopes to help create a stunning and innovative building. By making sure that you are using timber cladding effectively, you can guarantee that you make the most out of your building’s beauty.

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