To many, the garden is the pinnacle of your home; you host parties there, relax and unwind too. However, some of us don’t take the pride in our garden that we should. This doesn’t have to be the case though and Timber 2 U Direct are going to show you how. Adding features, like hardwood decking to your outdoor area can completely transform your garden space, giving it a much-needed Cinderella makeover. This can be a large project and quite a costly one too. Before committing to such a project, you need to consider a few things. Timber 2 U Direct are here to help point you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing materials and looking after your hardwood decking, so that you can transform your outdoor space brilliantly.

Rise to fame

Decking, in all its forms, has been a feature in many home gardens for over 50 years. The name comes from the similarity to that of the deck on a ship. The 1970s saw a rise in outdoor decked areas of homes that were used for grilling outside. Due to the few options of wood available, the decks in the US at the time were all forms of hardwood. Throughout the 1980’s, outdoor decking developed beyond just a cooking space and became a new addition to the garden with multifunctionality. Now the focal point of many gardens across the UK, decked areas have become an extension to the home, and are perfect for entertaining guests, having a BBQ or relaxing in the summer sunshine. 

Hardwood Decking

Despite being costly, hardwood decking has been the most popular choice for gardens since the 1970s. It’s all-natural appearance and natural growth patterns allow it to stand above the rest. This type of decking does require some effort to see fantastic results, however it is relatively low maintenance. Hardwood boasts natural aging properties and looks stunning whilst also proving strong against weathering and insect damage. 

The Strength of Hardwood Decking

One of the best reasons to invest in hardwood decking is because of its unmatched resilience and durability. You do not have to worry about the exposure to the elements in either the summer or the winter. It’s also made to withstand people and everyday life, so if you want to have parties on your decking, rest assured it’s going to last for many gatherings to come. 

There is little to no maintenance required with hardwood decking. Whilst most woods need to be cleaned once a week, hardwood options do not require much treatment and can be cleaned and treated with a bi-annual frame polish.

Minimal Maintenance 

If you’re looking for that extra protection, you can install hardwood that has been previously treated with several coatings of sealant to prevent moisture penetrating the wood. Due to it being exposed to the elements, it may need a deep clean every now and then, depending on how the weather has been. Try not to use a power washer, however tempting. The ideal way to clean your hardwood decking is with a bucket of water and powered oxygenated bleach. This will kill any mould or mildew that has festered within the grains over the winter. You can use a wooden brush to get rid of excess stains, leaves and branches, that if not removed, may rot and cause damage. 

Different Types of Hardwood Decking 

Here at Timber 2 u Direct we have many options of hardwood to choose from to complete your new outdoor decked area. Whether you are looking for a decked patio or maybe a raised platform for your shed, there is a type of hardwood out there for you! 

European Oak

This hardwood is beautiful and gives a high performance. Like all hardwood decking, European Oak has brilliant outdoor durability and can withstand the weather. One thing about this hardwood decking material is that it can move slightly over time so when installing, it is vital to remember to place a larger gap in between each board.


Iroko is one of the tropical hardwoods we have available for your decking. It is sourced from Africa and can sometimes be called ‘African teak’. This hardwood is more of a golden colour, giving it a more exotic feel. As with all hardwoods, Iroko is highly restraint and very dense allowing it to provide extraordinary strength to your decking. The wood naturally produces oils which guard against fungus, the sunlight and moisture to prevent rot. It is no surprise that this hardwood comes with a larger price tag, however it’s worth every penny due to robustness. 

Redwood and Cedar

There are two softwood options available, in case hardwood decking isn’t suited to your tastes. Redwood and Cedar have beautiful natural patterns within their grain. However, they differ in colour depending on age and will gradually change to a silvery brown. They can be expensive option but are reactant to insects and rot. Redwood and Cedar may need more chemical treatment than other counterparts.


There are more options available, but it can seem overwhelming knowing where to begin. Make sure you take into account the size of your project and the type of hardwood you will need before making a start. Also make sure that you purchase your hardwood decking materials from a trusted supplier to guarantee the best quality of wood. You can then begin transforming your space curating a stunning outdoor area to entertain guests, relax or spend time with your family! 

Timber 2 U Direct are the online trading arm of leading UK timber supplier and trader, Brooks Bros LTD. We provide an extensive selection of hardwoods that you can use to build your decking. Timber 2 U Direct allows you to order your materials in the exact measurements you require and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. If you are ready to start your hardwood decking project, contact us today!