Using timber cladding for walls

If your wall is made of a material or surface that’s impossible to paint, you can make it a little less bland and harsh by giving it a lifelike, three-dimensional texture. The best way to breathe new life into your bland wall is to take a piece of nature with it. So why not try timber cladding? Textured walls made of natural materials like timber cladding will give even the remote corners of your room a sophisticated feel.

Timber cladding

Timber cladding should be your material of choice when it comes to wall cladding. It has an intuitive appeal, in the sense that people readily associate nature and life with its unmatched swirls. No two slabs of the same tree source are the same, giving it an authentic vibe. As a natural insulator, timber cladding keeps interiors warm. Its appearance also makes people feel warm when they see it.

But when choosing timber cladding, you have to consider the species that the timber comes from. European oak cladding, in particular, ages well and remains durable for decades after installation. This type of timber cladding is resistant to water, even without any treatments. But European oak timber cladding is not as pricey as stone cladding. Special and customized cuts can be made more easily with timber, which is softer and more flexible than stone.

The characteristics of timber cladding make it ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms, to keep these spaces cosy. Timber cladding can be installed in walls, ceilings, and floors for a sleek, crisp, yet rustic effect.

Natural stone cladding – timber cladding combo

For those who aren’t into the rustic feel, you can combine your timber cladding with natural stone. You can combine timber for the floors and conglomerate or limestone slabs for the walls. Add Persian rugs or soft linen upholstery, and you’ll get a cosy room. For your outdoor spaces, you could try paved cobblestone pathways alongside wooden cladding on your house’s walls. The diverse colours will make your exterior look anything but bland.

Textured wallpaper – timber cladding combo

If you don’t have enough money for expensive stone cladding, you can try textured wallpapers that look like stone. Use this kind of textured wallpaper in combination with a timber cladding floor to achieve the same effect a stone wall would. But textured wallpapers can come in many different designs and types, which means you have a lot to choose from depending on what you want. You can go for silk textured walls, grasscloth wallpaper and even wool.

But when choosing your textured wallpaper, you have to think about whether the design is right for your lifestyle. If you have kids in the house, you wouldn’t want wallpaper with beads that they can pick up and swallow. Also, consider the effect of lighting on the wallpaper and whether it’s practical or not.

Timber cladding with tiles

If you are willing to experiment with wall styles and designs, then you can intersperse ceramic tiles with your wall’s timber cladding. You can try making a mosaic. You also have the option of emphasizing the grooves and such on your walls by using tiles that have a similar colour scheme as your timber. However, doing so can be challenging. You would have to find the right design mixed with a clean finish that reflects your preferences.

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