timber panelling

As a nation, we need to work on protecting the environment we live in. The ongoing environmental crisis may seem overwhelming, but we can all contribute in our own ways. This can be achieved with changes to our lifestyle. They may be small or even bigger changes, like transforming our living spaces into eco-friendly alternatives. Here at Timber 2 u Direct, we are big advocates for sustainability. We believe that adding timber panelling to your home is a brilliant first step to making a difference. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss how this can be achieved and the benefits that timber panelling has for the environment. 

What is an eco-home?

An eco-home is a house that has a minimal impact on the environment. Whether you’re building it from scratch or upgrading your current home, the process and materials must limit the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted. This is what classifies it as an eco-home. There is no right or wrong way to turn you home into an eco one, but you must be doing it with sustainability and the environment in mind.

Why is Timber panelling good for the environment?

When you begin the process of making your home sustainable, the most important thing to consider is the materials you are using. 

Sustainable resources 

As long as replanting is ongoing and in place from where you source your supplies, your timber panelling is considered a renewable organic resource. Here at Timber 2 U Direct, we are dedicated to ensuring our timber comes from only sustainable forests. Using non-reusable materials builds up more waste and effects the environment negatively. With sustainably sourced timber, you can be sure the material is having a very minimal impact on the environment. 

No waste 

Any timber you don’t use to panel your home can be reused for other things. It can be repurposed as firewood, or even transformed into outdoor furniture and other projects. This means it doesn’t end up in landfill like other building materials. If it does, however, timber releases vital nutrients that can be reabsorbed back into the earth.

Carbon neutral 

Timber plays a big part in the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere. Trees absorb CO2 and for every tonne they take in, they give back almost three quarters of a tonne of oxygen. Even though the timber panelling used on the outside of your home has been through manufacturing stages, the wood will still continue to absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Why is timber panelling good for your home?

As well as the very obvious environmental benefits of timber panelling, there are other things that make it stand out. 

Heat retention

Timber cladding is favoured by many. It is an efficient way to retain heat in your home. It is an eco-friendly alternative to steel, concrete or aluminium. Providing correct insulation for your home is key and ensures you can work towards energy efficiency. Timber panelling means your heating in the winter won’t escape through the walls of your home, also saving you money.


Due to its properties, timber panelling on the outside of your house can survive harsh conditions and does not need much upkeep. It can also last up to 40-60 years. Timber can withstand whatever the elements throw at it. Not only is it weather resistant, but it is highly resilient to things like insects and rot.


Having timber panelling on the outside of your home gives you a unique and contemporary look. Wood is timeless and your eco-home will look stylish for years to come. Timber cladding can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. If you can’t decide on which direction to have your cladding, why not have a mixture of both? Some houses look visually stunning with horizontal and vertical cladding forming a pattern. Be sure to plan this out in advance so you know exactly where you’re putting what.

If you are ever looking to sell your house, it is a feature that will make it stand out above the rest. This, along with eco-friendly benefits, make a great selling point and can even increase the value of your house.

Timber 2 U Direct’s sustainability

As the trading arm of Brooks Bros LTD, we follow the same environmental approaches when it comes to our timber. We are an industry leader in sustainability and deliver an environmental strategy that ensures all our timbers are FSC or PEFC certified. The timber we purchase and supply is in line with Government Timber Procurement Policies. We also operate with guidance from the Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET).

All the measures we take mean we can effectively reduce our corporate carbon footprint, utilise materials efficiently, minimise waste and comply with current relevant legislation. We aim to report all our environmental performance publicly so our customers can be sure they are purchasing sustainable timber.

We continue to constantly work with our suppliers to purchase timber that is harvested and traded legally in the origin country. Timber 2 U Direct and Brooks Bros LTD also aim to support industry and governmental initiatives that work towards a more efficient and impactful way of sourcing sustainable timber. 

Timber 2 U Direct concludes

When looking to build an eco-home or transform your current one, you need to be sure your timber panelling is being sourced sustainably. At Timber 2 U Direct, we are following laws to ensure we can deliver timber that has a minimal impact on the environment and will positively affect the world we live in. Our timber is made to measure for any project you may need to cover and comes in many different types, such as iroko,European oak and American maple. We will deliver your material direct to your door. If you are ready to take the first step to becoming eco-friendly, contact us today!