European and American cut to size oak

Home renovations are always an exciting time, especially since you’re given the freedom to achieve your desired looks and layouts. One of the most important parts of any home renovation is the flooring, especially since it’s an investment you don’t want to end up wasting. The home flooring sees high foot traffic, making it crucial to employ only the best of the best.

Oak is a raw material heavily sought after by many, as it’s deemed to last more than a lifetime. This type of lumber, however, comes in a variety of styles, including the highly coveted American oak, and the sophisticated European oak. 

Choosing between the two requires a deeper understanding of your lifestyle and design preferences, as each oak comes with its own characteristics that exhibit charm and uniqueness. Their distinctive marks set them apart, but you’ll want to make sure you arrive at the best possible decision. 

Thankfully, we’ve curated this quick and easy guide for you to follow. Familiarise yourself with the factors below:

Factor #1: Looking at colours and tones

Oak wood comes in different colour tones, with European oak typically showing a vivid and warm golden brown tone that usually has a darker shade than American oak. American oak wood, on the other hand, often presents a pinkish shade with some hues of brown. 

Learning the differences between these tones will help you identify the right choice of wood depending on the aesthetics you want for your space, especially if you’re decorating entertainment areas like the living room and the kitchen.

Factor #2: Seeing the grain patterns 

Aside from the difference in the tones and colours of the wood, American oak and European oak also differ in their grain patterns. American oak wood generally has a more subtle grain pattern, leading to a more toned-down, uniform, and clean appearance. It’s suitable if you’re looking into a more minimalistic and invariable look.

Compared to American oak, European oak wood has a more noticeable pattern that gives off a distinctive character to the wood. Its wavy grain patterns give off a unique and organic appearance that can add more character and visual interest to your spaces.

Factor #3: Considering the size and durability 

Given that oak trees grow in unpredictable ways, you’ll want to consider the size, length, and width of your chosen oak material. European oak is mostly used for longer lengths and wider planks, whereas American oak is used for narrower designs.

If you’re looking for a specific aesthetic, it’s best to consider which type of oak can best suit your needs, especially when it comes to durability. European oak is heavy and hard, making it the ideal choice for flooring. American oak, on the other hand, can expand and contract depending on the conditions.

The Bottom Line

From all the factors listed, we can safely deduce that both the American and European oak wood come with distinctive features. They’re both incredibly durable and special, especially since oak tree species are generally known to live for hundreds of years, making it the perfect addition to your home. 

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