Cut to size Fresh Sawn Oak

Identifying the right construction material for your home can be difficult, especially with the hundreds of options you can choose from. Besides identifying a base material like concrete, metal or wood, there are also numerous subcategories you need to consider.

Choosing wood is a valuable construction material for your home that comes with numerous benefits. In fact, some wood options have more advantages than others. For example, oak can be an excellent choice if you want to highlight elegance while maintaining a secure and robust architectural structure.

How valuable is oak as a construction material?

Oak is a widely popular construction material that has been around since the middle ages. Its flexibility and versatility make it an ageless option for many residential and commercial projects, turning it into a top pick among other timber choices. Its unique properties make it a dynamic addition to your home, allowing you to benefit from its numerous advantages.

In this article, we’ll share five reasons you should choose oak as your timber of choice.

1. Oak appears timeless with any design motif

Oak has the benefit of matching well with many design motifs, from a rustic to traditional look. You can artificially make it look worn-out to add more texture or wax it completely for a pristine appeal. Additionally, it carries a unique glow and scent of fresh timber. This allows it to add a sharper dimension to your home than other construction materials like steel or concrete.

2. Oak is a considerably strong beam material

Unlike most artificial alternatives, oak timber continues to grow stronger over time. Unlike other wood options, oak’s structural integrity continues to develop as it dries out. This advantageous quality of hardwood makes it resistant to weathering and other forms of deterioration like fire and water damage. It’s this unique form of resilience that makes it an excellent choice for sea vessels.

3. Oak can be used in more ways than one

Although it’s common to use oak for structural beams, you can also order them in different forms for finishing, like oak posts, frames, and other interior additions. Oak is an excellent complement for traditional and contemporary aesthetics, making it easier to create a unified look in your home.

4. Oak is resistant to pests and wood rot

Pest attacks and wood rot are two recurring concerns among homeowners in choosing wood materials. Thankfully, oak is highly resistant to this two. This specific timber is permeable and allows moisture to pass through it with ease. It also has considerably durable thermal conductivity, allowing it to retain its shape and load-bearing strength against extreme heat.

5. Oak is a sustainable building material

Like all wood products, oak is outsourced through sustainable means in forests maintained by designated stewards. Unlike metal and concrete that require other composite materials to build, oak is replaceable due to replanting efforts. This lets you contribute to the lesser use of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere in buying timber products. It’s a value that you can maintain even when repairing or upgrading your home, with no waste leading to increased damage to the environment.


Oak can vary in quality depending on who you purchase it from. Like any building material, it’s essential to look for a reliable supplier specialising in premium goods. This is why it’s vital to shop around vendors before purchasing anything from decking floorboards to timber cladding.

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