Wooden house

Timber is widely regarded as a flexible and highly durable material that’s usable for almost any need. Cut-to-size wood options and various pre-measured templates now shower the market, proving its efficacy. Its wide appeal as a building block makes it a common sight in many residentials as a cladding option.

Recent years, however, have seen it being replaced with steel and composite options, mainly due to its high maintenance cost. While it’s an expense, to begin with, timber still needs almost yearly maintenance in order to avoid rot and breakage. Despite this, however, wood enthusiasts still stand by the power and elegance of timber cladding—and with good reason, to boot.

To further that point, here are three of the biggest reasons why utilizing timber cladding is still the best option for your home.

Its beauty is unmatched

Steel and fibre-cement cladding are definitely deserving of a look, but timber cladding still has a different appeal and effect on passers-by. Despite how advanced or sophisticated more modern materials may look, it’s still not as awe-inspiring as the natural and unique beauty of natural timber.

Natural timber is sourced from different trees, with each cut having its own characteristics, knots, and lines. This, in turn, makes for a completely unique look, with no two timber claddings looking the same. Through a good mix and match, you can create a distinct look for your house that both accentuates and draws eyes to the overall design of your home.

It is environment-friendly

No matter the age, the environment is always one of the biggest concerns with almost anything we do, even in construction. In order to avoid the perils of climate change, a certain pressure has been placed in the construction industry to review their methods, urging businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions.

With that in mind, the more eco-minded architects and engineers then turn towards the use of timber in construction—one of the most environmentally-friendly building blocks in today’s market. One of the biggest reasons for this is that timber’s production has one of the lowest energy outputs required to manufacture, thus pointing towards a more reduced CO2 output from the construction industry.

It’s sustainable

Timber is an incredibly sustainable material, which is also why it’s popular for the more eco-friendly builders. As a raw good, timber can be used for almost any industry, with each part of the tree seeing a purpose once harvested. More than that, it’s a fully renewable resource, meaning despite serving an initial purpose, it can be recycled, cured, and repurposed once it’s original function is done.

To top it off, the benefits of modern technology have made it entirely possible to utilize timber cladding with only minor needs for maintenance. Through the more advanced maintenance methods, these types of cladding are more durable and have a longer service life, which then reduces the overall cost for maintenance.


Timber, as a material, is still considered as one of the best building materials, despite the minor increase in price. By choosing timber as a building material, you don’t just get the captivating aesthetics, but you get to help save the environment as well.

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