made to measure cut to size meranti

Meranti is a tropical, made-to-measure timber that many home builders and owners use. This is due to its popularity in the industry, and it is more commonly known as Philippine mahogany. If you are deciding between different kinds of tropical hardwood options, this may just be your ideal choice.

The article talks about meranti and its different building applications in new house construction. We will discuss its features as a hardwood and how to buy the best meranti hardwood within your budget and resources.

Meranti is a Versatile and Affordable Hardwood

Meranti is abundant in the Phlippine islands, but there are also different subspecies of it around Southeast Asia and the South West Pacific. This means that there is a steady supply of meranti timber, and you need not worry about finding it from your local made-to-measure timber supplier.

Meranti is also very affordable compared to other kinds of hardwoods. This means that you can buy as much of it as you need for your new home construction. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about any of the hardwood going to waste because it is also versatile in use. With meranti, you can expect benefits in cost-efficiency and availability.

Meranti is also a versatile hardwood since it is easy to chop, carve, and sand into your ideal shape. You can use different types of saws and blades for this, and you can put pieces together with nails, screws, and even glue. This is why most amateur and experienced woodworkers prefer meranti wood for their different projects.

Meranti is Ideal for Home Flooring, Doors, and Furniture

Meranti hardwood is a great choice for a wide range of house construction options. It has applications in flooring, doors, and even home furniture (like chairs and tables). This means you can maximise your budget and time with meranti as a primary material for your home and its different furnishings.

Sanding or painting meranti hardwood is also easy. You can sand the timber with 100-grit sandpaper as long as you don’t forget to wear the appropriate protective sanding gear. Once sanded, meranti often appears rather dull compared to other kinds of hardwood. However, you can paint over it with any colour you like. Just make sure you use a primer coat first to cover the open grains.

Tips for Buying Meranti Wood for New Home Construction

Consider the following tips to buying the best meranti wood for your new home construction:

Consider the durability and thickness: Most meranti timber is reasonably durable and have just enough thickness for easy woodworking. However, you may want to consider other kinds of wood, depending on your intended use. Be sure to consult with your timber supplier or home contractor to determine the best option for you.

Plan out your intended use for the meranti wood with sketches and measurements: For new home construction, you want to make sure that your intended use for the meranti wood will be successful. Therefore, you should first sketch out and determine the appropriate measurements before ordering. Then, consult with your local made-to-measure timber supplier and home contractor.

Take note of other tropical hardwoods: You may want to consider other tropical hardwoods, like Iroko or Sapele, in case you are looking for a different type. These are also popular choices for new home construction.


Meranti wood is a quality, affordable hardwood with versatile applications in home construction and woodworking. Its abundant supply and many subspecies allow different countries outside Asia to utilise it. Consider it today as you build your dream home and furniture.

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