Cut to size Timber Baserail

Railings are easy to overlook in balconies and staircases, but it plays a pivotal role in keeping people safe. Not many people give railings a second thought since it’s always present in any porches, decks, and stairs, but its disappearance can result in a catastrophe. 

Beyond contributing to the premises’ overall decor, handrails and stair railings are crucial features that ensure people don’t fall off over the sides and plummet down a high height. But what components contribute to the reliability of the railings? When breaking down the staircase components, the one that keeps the barrier together is the base rail. 

What Is A Base Rail?

Also known as the bottom track, it runs along the staircase up to the ends of the landing as it locks the spindles, acrylic, or glass panels in a secure place. A good and reliable railing starts with a properly installed and solid base rail, so keep in mind that it sets the foundation that holds all the pieces. 

Different Types Of Base Rails 

There are different types of base rail, all of which have distinct functionalities and suit various railings. 

1. Grooved Base Rails 

One of the most common designs, the moniker suggests that a groove tracks along the rail center. The space slotted smack in the middle of the railing is where the spindles should slide in. All base rails have the same overall measurement, but the groove typically ranges between 32 mm or 41 mm for its dimensions. 

2. Un-Grooved Base Rails 

Without any spacing to slot in the spindles into the track, un-grooved base rails are the perfect choice for metal spindles or glass clamps since these railings can be directly screwed into position. 

3. Glass Grooved Base Rails 

Perfect for thick, glass panels, the glass grooved base rails have a deep canal lining the rail’s entire length. 

These are the standard base rails you can choose from depending on the type of railing you’re planning to install. All balustrades offer unique characteristics, so the right one largely depends on your taste in style and whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. 

The Bottom Line: Getting Started On The Right Track With Your Base Rails 

If there are any problems with your base rail, replacing or repairing it would be time-consuming and tricky since it is attached to the staircase’s foundation. With that in mind, accessing the base rail means you have to remove other components connected to it, such as the fences. 

Accurate measurements with the base rails are paramount since it dictates how the spindles will sit in place, so even a few centimeters off can have disastrous results. When dealing with base rail problems, it’s best to set aside your DIY toolkit and seek professional assistance. 

How Can We Help?

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