cut to size Timber Decking

Often seen in the British interior design and architecture industries as the best way to create a style statement with natural cues, hardwood decking establishes itself repeatedly as THE upgrade to invest in. 

Although it was initially seen as a mere facet of durability because of its natural finish and trademark practicality, it has become an option to watch out for in recent years for contemporary styling. No matter where your home may be situated or whatever purpose you want to fulfil, this material can surely bring much value to the table.

Why has hardwood decking become so relevant?

Compared to other options that come in the form of composites, pure granite, or synthetic materials, hardwood decking has set itself apart in recent years thanks to its all-natural aura. With an arbitrary finish by its side (thanks to natural growth patterns), a neo-rustic appeal, and unhampered usage experiences, this outdoor treatment material is an absolute breath of fresh air. In fact, over time, many Essex and London homeowners have made the big switch to this particular option, and the only regret they had after was not investing it in sooner! 

What makes hardwood decking so special?

When it comes to understanding why hardwood decking is an option that’s worth incorporating in your home, you must first look at the many benefits that it packs. Regardless if you’re interested in cedar and redwood or hooked on the allure of ironbark and blackwood, you will experience the same array of benefits as you would with any iteration of this decking. 

Let’s now go over some of the most prominent benefits of hardwood decking that are well-worth considering if you want to give your outdoor space the transformation it needs: 

Benefit #1: You’ll outfit your home’s outdoor space with durability and strength

As mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of investing in hardwood decking (such as that provided by Timber2UDirect) is that it provides your outside space with unhampered durability and strength. 

When you have a beautiful species of hardwood installed, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you won’t need to worry about having it buckle down or crack unexpectedly. Regardless if you want to keep four rowdy people on your decking or host a party of 25, best believe that this material will have you covered all-year-round! 

Benefit #2: Maintenance is a dream when you’re using hardwood decking

Apart from being durable and gorgeous in any British home, another strong suit of hardwood decking is that it is a whole lot easier to maintain than any other type of material.

Unlike other options that need to be cleaned far (once a week, in most cases), this type of natural hardwood bears an exponentially smaller need for maintenance. Once you invest in quality hardwood options, you’ll learn that it requires very little maintenance throughout its lifetime with a mandatory annual or bi-annual frame polish and some treatments every other year or so!


Among the different material options that you can use to beautify your home’s decking and outfit with an array of benefits, hardwood is, by far, the most excellent option out of the bunch. If you’re looking for quality, unmistakable looks, and top-level durability with minimal maintenance, the natural route will best suit your needs! 

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