Shiplap Panelling cut to size

One of the hottest interior design themes right now is outdoor style, which uses natural finishes that bring the very best of the outside world right into your home. From stone tabletops to travertine tiles, there are lots of options and applications that heavily incorporate natural finishes to keep materials in touch with their roots.

Out of the different methods and materials that are used to attain a natural finish inside a home, one of the most time-honed and proven interior decoration options is wood panelling. Although most people know it as a certain type of material that characterizes shabby wood cabins and design principles as dated as parachute pants, wood panelling is making a comeback.

The secret to turning wood panelling from kitsch to chic is completely reliant on what type of wood you choose, what finish you adorn it with, where you put it, and how you use it. When used properly, wood panelling can take an interior that looks like something out of a “renovation nightmares” and turn it into something worthy of a lifestyle magazine feature.

Wood panelling options to watch out for

Should you find yourself looking for a refreshing and natural way to give your home a much-needed makeover, then wood panelling is an option that should be on your list. Before heading out to the store, however, check out this list of wood panelling options to get a better idea of what you need:

For interiors that need an architectural refresh: Shiplap panelling

Aside from being soft on the tongue and easy on the ears, shiplap panelling is also an option that looks and works just as good as it sounds. Shiplap panelling takes its name from its manner of installation, which involves having its panels overlap with grooved boards (or “rabbets”) to form a tight, weatherproof fit.

If you’re looking to pull off an informal, textured, and warm look with the help of natural materials or require a smart way to refresh a cottage-inspired home, then shiplap panelling is it.

When your home needs an au naturel touch: Reclaimed wood panelling

Whether it’s made of actual reclaimed wood or new wood that’s made to look aged, reclaimed wood panelling is an optimal option for homeowners that want to add texture to space.

Characterized by its ability to give off an image of as a material that has a story to tell, reclaimed wood panelling can instil a certain character in a home’s interior, regardless of how old it is.

For homeowners that strive for farmhouse chic: Beadboard panelling

Beadboard panelling is generally classified as another type of tongue-and-groove panelling with a unique beaded-board plan aesthetic. It is an option that’s best for attaining a quaint, farmhouse charm.

Depending on the type of board width you’re looking at (whether it’s a two-and-a-half or one-and-a-half option), beadboard can be used in anything from half-walls and ceilings to kitchen backsplashes. The unique aspect of beadboard panelling is that it attains a laid-back charm without trying too hard. This makes it the best choice for anyone that wants relaxation in a room.

A perfect options for any homeowner that needs a touch of class: Flat panelling

There’s always something about the simplicity of flat panels that allows them to add a sense of unhampered elegance to any room. Flat panelling encompasses several types of wood options, ranging from walnut to ebony, making it perfect for any homeowner that’s striving for a certain motif or colour scheme.

Wood panelling has come far from having a cult following to becoming an institute of impeccable interior design that taps straight into the concept of natural beauty. If you’re looking for a surefire way to enhance the appearance and appeal of your home’s interior, then wood panelling is the perfect option for your needs.

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