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Black Featheredge Cladding 22mm x 175mm

From £9.99

Thermowood Cladding 18mm x 94mm T+GV BB4A

From £12.49
hardwood and softwood timber cladding

Western Red Cedar Cladding 18 x 94mm T+GV BB4A

From £15.95

Western Red Cedar 42x42mm L Corner Section

From £24.95

Western Red Cedar Cladding 18 x 144mm T+GV BB1A

From £24.95

Western Red Cedar Shadow Gap Cladding 18 x 144mm BB11

From £24.95

Western Red Cedar Shingles 16″ no1 Blue Label


Oak Featheredge Cladding Character Grade

From £309.95

Gorgeous, durable and effortlessly elegant, wood cladding transforms and adds value to any building  including commercial spaces, homes, garden rooms, or simply your shed!

Choose from many beautiful wood species. Naturally durable and attractive, the most specified woods within our range are Western Red Cedar and Homegrown Larch.

Then there’s your more cost effective (but no less beautiful!) species, including Douglas Fir and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

We machine our timber on-site to a range of profiles including the ever-popular and versatile Tongue & V-Groove, as well as Shiplap. To add a designer, decorative touch, perhaps opt for Shadow Gap or Rainscreen.

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