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Custom Cut Air Dried Oak Beams


Custom Cut Fresh Sawn Oak Beams


Fresh Sawn Green Oak Beams 150x150mm

From £99.99

Fresh Sawn Green Oak Beams 200x200mm

From £165.99

As one of the UK’s top suppliers of oak beams and boards, Timber 2u Direct is one of the best in the business.

We operate nationwide, offering Air-Dried and Fresh Sawn Oak Beams, as well as Kiln-Dried and Air-Dried Oak Boards.

A popular building material throughout England, Green English/European Oak offers strong, durable, high moisture content. This means it offers excellent decay resistance while requiring no chemical treatments.

If you need a single oak beam above your fireplace, several sawn oak beams for your garden, we can help.

After being air dried for over two years, our oak develop a natural aged appearance with characteristic cracks and splits.

Our beams can be supplied with a hand planed or sawn finish. The natural knots and splits of oak are still evident when it is hand planed versus the darker, weathered appearance of sawn beams.

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