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Oak – American White






Ash – American


Oak – European


Beech – Lightly Steamed


Western Red Cedar




Douglas Fir


Southern Yellow Pine


Walnut – American Black


Scandinavian (Unsorted) Redwood


Maple – American




Your home is a place that is unique to you and your family, and its appearance should represent that. Not all precut timber is the same, and not all of it can speak to your design preferences the way you want it to. That is where our bespoke timber comes in. Our made to measure timber can be used to accommodate any length of space to ensure that the dimensions are both uniform and accurate. We give our made to measure wood meticulous attention to ensure that it is cut to the exact measurements that you require.

All of our wood timber made to measure can be ordered to the exact size you choose. We will deliver it to you fully planed, which will afford you a solid starting point to begin your project. You can shape the wood from there in the way you see fit. Though different types of wood possess different qualities, there are a few factors surrounding our wood that you can expect to see in every product.

We offer high quality timber that you can trust to outlast the years to come without losing its appeal. All of our wood is made to the highest standards to ensure not only its quality but also its durability. Our wood can be used in various project types both internally and in landscaping, so the possibilities are endless.

No matter what type of wood project you are embarking upon, you can trust our customer support specialists to see your project through to the end with you. We can answer any questions you may have about our wood products, including any size questions you may have. Our premium wood is matched by quality customer service that you can rely on to help you get the job done as seamlessly as possible.

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