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Bullnose Oak Window Board 20mm Thick

From £74.95

Bullnose Oak Window Board 25mm Thick

From £99.95
25mm Timber Windowboard

Bullnose Oak Window Board 32mm Thick

From £128.95

Box Window Cil 70mm x 141mm


Our Window Boards and Shelving are made from high quality solid American oak that brings with it a beautiful light honey colour. With its natural wood grain and small knots, each oak window sill has a character of its own to make it unique in your home. The boards can be machined with your preference of either a wavy edged front or a square front depending on your preferences.

Whichever you choose, both types remain unfinished. This will ensure you have control over the finished product down to the colour. You can get our oak window sills in three meter lengths, so you have plenty to cut down to size to fit any window. We also offer various thicknesses and depths to ensure that they blend in effortlessly with the walls and windows around them. Use the wider options to create a feature window seat or storage shelf for potted plants to bring out all of the character your home has to offer.

We offer oak windowsills that are pre-sanded to save you time and effort and make them easier to install. Each solid oak window sill is crafted out of kiln dried solid American oak, which offers them an elegant appearance.

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