Timber Social Distancing Screens

The threat brought about by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) halted a majority of business in London in the past months. With the fear of the pandemic spreading just as quickly as the virus was, people have become only too happy to oblige with the “stay at home”  advice of the government—making it all the more difficult for the few businesses that remained open.

As a business owner in the hospitality industry, the situation of the pandemic dealt a big blow to your finances. Now that the government is slowly easing businesses back open, it’s crucial to start preparing for your restaurant or pub’s reopening. By preparing aptly, you can ease your customers back in without fearing too much about the looming pandemic.

The Licensing Laws

Formerly, businesses in the hospitality industry were being bothered by the strict licensing procedure for outdoor drinking and stalls. With the new and revamped Business and Planning Bill, pubs and cafés will be able to use your car parks and terraces as extended outdoor dining/drinking areas.

As strange as that might seem, the addition of more floor area is perfect for giving apt space between patrons, as the threat of COVID-19 is still very real. The added allocation of space isn’t just for the business’ benefit, but for the overall safety of all your consumers.

The Social Distancing Protocol

Despite the world slowly shifting gears towards a “new normal,” it is wise not to forget that the virus is still moving about in society. As such, taking all possible precautions is necessary to maintain the safety and security of all people—both employees and patrons alike.

For both bars and restaurants, the edict of the government is quite clear: implement social distancing procedures if you want to reopen. Aside from limiting the number of patrons on-venue, it’s also recommended to simply take-out and bring home the ordered drinks and food instead of lingering at the venue. Ordering systems have also changed, with the government suggesting the use of online apps and disposable menus to minimize the contact between servers and patrons.

Aside from these basic improvements to processes, it’s also recommended to provide barriers and clearly-guided borders and pathways to avoid the contact of people with each other. Although it’s not mandated as of yet, it might be a good idea to revise your structure and layout by adding social distancing screens to avoid contact with other people.

Tabletop social distancing screens are perfect for tight spaces and shared benches, as well as for use in the kitchen and the cashier. This protects your employees from other patrons, especially in areas with high contact such as cashiers and takeout lanes.

Floorstanding social distancing screens, on the other hand, are perfect for lane segregation, dividing eating areas, and even in the bathroom stalls. This can provide a certain sense of safety, knowing that all bases are covered when it comes to COVID-19 contingencies.


Reopening your bar or restaurant after the lockdowns is an exciting prospect, but it’s wise to not be blindsided by the reality of the situation. With the COVID-19 pandemic still lurking around, it’s wise to take all necessary measures to keep your patrons and yourself protected.

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