USED FOR: Cabinet making, high-class joinery, desks and workbenches, domestic flooring, construction and utility plywood | Sliced veneers for decorative veneering.
AVAILABILITY: Thickness: 6mm to 68mm | Width: 15mm to 200mm | Lengths up to 3.0m


BOTANICAL NAME: Fagus Syvatica

ORIGIN: Grows throughout central Europe and UK (also West Africa)

DESCRIPTION: Pink-brown, turns reddish-brown when steamed. | Grain: Straight | Texture: Fine/even

WORKING PROPERTIES: Offers medium resistance to hand/machine tools, has a moderate blunting effect,  pre-bore for nailing, stains well, glues easily and takes an excellent finish

DURABILITY: Perishable

DENSITY: 720 kg/m3

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