USED FOR: Widely used in the manufacture of doors and conservatories | Flooring and furniture | Panelling, joinery and mouldings | turnery and carving | Plywood.
AVAILABILITY: Thickness: 6mm to 93mm | Width: 15mm to 250mm | Lengths up to 3.6m


BOTANICAL NAME: Shorea Pauciflora

ORIGIN: South-East Asia and the islands of the South West Pacific

DESCRIPTION: Varies from white through straw to yellow in the yellow-white groups | Grain: Interlocked | Texture: Moderately coarse

WORKING PROPERTIES: Machines reasonably well, nails, glues and stains well and can be painted, stained or polished but may need to be filled before finishing

DURABILITY: Moderately durable

DENSITY: 660 kg/m3

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