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Ogee Architrave XL (Height 2400mm)

From £57.95

Square Edge Architrave XL (Height 2400mm)

From £57.95

Shaker Architrave XL (Height 2400mm)

From £57.95

Bullnose Oak Window Board 20mm Thick

From £74.95

Internal Door Lining Set Solid Oak

From £80.95

Internal Double Door Lining Set Solid Oak

From £91.95

Bullnose Oak Window Board 25mm Thick

From £99.95

Fresh Sawn Green Oak Beams 150x150mm

From £99.99

Box Window Cil 70mm x 141mm


Custom Cut Air Dried Oak Beams


Bullnose Oak Window Board 32mm Thick

From £128.95

Fresh Sawn Green Oak Beams 200x200mm

From £165.99

Western Red Cedar Shingles 16″ no1 Blue Label


Oak Railway Sleepers 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm

From £294.95

Oak Featheredge Cladding Character Grade

From £309.95

European Oak Sleepers Pack of 25

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