USED FOR: General joinery work, Construction work, Furniture, Carcassing and House building.
AVAILABILITY: Thickness: 6mm to 69mm | Width: 15mm to 219mm | Lengths up to 3.6m


BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus Sylvestris

ORIGIN: Redwood is sorted in Scandinavian mills to several different grades. ‘Unsorted’ is a mixture of the top four grades: Firsts, Seconds, Thirds and Fourths

DESCRIPTION: Creamy white to yellow | Grain: Varying from straight to interlocked, free from waney edges and large knots | Texture: Smooth

WORKING PROPERTIES: Works easily and well with both hand and machine tool, capable of a smooth clean finish

DURABILITY: Non-durable, requires preservative treatment if used externally

DENSITY: 550 kg/m3


Mouldings, Panelling, Fencing

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