USED FOR: Most versatile softwood suited to pattern making | Carving | High-class joinery, general carpentry work and furniture | Musical instruments | Ship and boat building | Light/medium construction| Veneers (from selected logs).
AVAILABILITY: Thickness: 6mm to 44mm | Width: 15mm to 250mm | Lengths up to 3.6m


BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus Palustris

ORIGIN: Southern States of USA

DESCRIPTION: Varies from pale straw to light reddish-brown | Grain: Soft straight | Texture: Very even

WORKING PROPERTIES: Works very easily with hand and machine tools, finishes cleanly, nails, screws and glues and takes stains, paints and varnishes very well

DURABILITY: Non-durable

DENSITY: 390 kg/m3

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