Solid Timber Door

Doors are one of the essential components of every home. Whether you’re building a house from scratch or renovating an existing one, doors are something that you should pay attention to. These structures provide privacy and security for your home and for each room where they are used. While doors come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, the materials used in most doors only come down to a few types.

When choosing the kind of door you will have based on the material used, it’s important to consider your budget and purpose. If you need to let more indoor light in while blocking off outdoor noise and pollution, you can choose a glass door, although glass doors tend to be expensive. Hollow doors weigh lightly and are economical to use in bathrooms and closets. Seeing as they are more prone to break-ins, however, they are not good choices for doors that are used to enter into your home. If you want a door that’s durable, worth your money, and secure for your home’s entrance, you need to choose a solid timber door.

Here are the advantages that solid timber doors offer:


Timber doors can be cut and sawed to fit door frames of various shapes and sizes. They can be used in sliding frame doors or typical hinged doors. They are also easy to paint. If you stain your timber door with varnish, it will look sleek and distinguished. You can have damaged timber doors easily repaired even if it has sustained structural damage without replacing it entirely, unlike a broken aluminum door.


Timber never goes out of fashion. It has been used for centuries and continues to be used as a door material for modern homes as well as traditional ones. The patterns and shades of brown are unique and add flair and warmth to any home. The smooth finish allows the unmatched natural beauty of wood to be showcased.

If your property is near a forest or has trees and hedges, a wooden door can make your home itself appear at home with nature. However, the charm of a solid timber door does not end on the foot rug of the outdoors. If you have an office, using a solid varnished timber as your door gives it an air of solemnity and respect. Having a wooden door would also complement the wooden furniture you have in your office or living room.


Timber absorbs and loses heat slowly. Thus, you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a timber door. Since timber is a good temperature insulator, that means you can cut costs on your internal heating and cooling system’s energy use. Aluminium doors, on the other hand, let in more heat and lose heat quickly, which can strain your air conditioning units.

Aside from temperature insulation, timber is also effective as an insulator against noise. If your house, business, or office is near the roadside, having a timber door can reduce the noise that comes from outside.


The fact that timber is an insulator makes it effective against fire. A solid wood door can withstand fire for up to twenty minutes, offering a window of time for everyone in the building to leave and for the firemen to arrive.

You can also opt for timber doors that are made of species of wood that resist fire, termites, and moisture. Alternatively, you can have the material treated with chemicals against these threats to lengthen your doors’ lifespan. But even without these treatments, your wooden door may last between 20 to 40 years, depending on the kind of hardwood that it uses.

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