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With over sixty years of sourcing and supplying hardwood timber, Timber 2 U Direct have expanded across the globe to offer a wide range of wood for any project. Like anything, people like to know where the products they are buying come from. We have put together this blog post to take you on the journey of our timber – from forest to finished product.

Where do Timber 2 U Direct source timber from? 

All 50 of the timber species we supply are purchased from FSC and PEFC certified forests. The hardwood timber we stock comes from Africa where we have a long-standing trade history with African suppliers. This has allowed us to develop a unique understanding of the many woods that grow in tropical forests. We also source only the best hardwood timber from forests in America to ensure the range we offer is not only varied, but of the highest quality. 

What is FSC forest?

You might recognise the FSC logo, what you won’t know, however, is what it stands for. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is an international non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring that companies are carrying out responsible forestry practices. They guarantee their forests are environmentally appropriate when it comes to harvesting hardwood timber and that each forest is maintaining biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes. The FSC also ensure the management of the forests is socially beneficially. This means the forest must help both local people and society, allowing them to reap long-term benefits. Their forests must also be economically viable and managed in a way that does not generate profit at the expense of ecosystems or communities. 

Timber 2 U Direct only use FSC certified forest, providing you with sustainably sourced timber. We are dedicated to purchasing timber products that are harvested and traded legally. We also strive to provide a working environment, from harvesting to delivery, that is free of forced labour and unlawful child labour. Any suppliers we purchase our timber from must follow the same measures. 

Step one: Felling

Now you have a better idea of where our timber comes from, let’s investigate how it gets to your doorstep – starting with felling. Felling is the process of cutting down, knocking down or causing a tree to fall to the ground. Trees are only felled when they are mature. The time of this depends on the species of the tree, but it is usually between 50 – 100 years. Felling is conducted during the winter months as that is when the trees retain less moisture. Once a tree have been felled, FSC forests will replace it with saplings to promote sustainability and ensure resources for future generations.

Step Two: Seasoning

Seasoning is the name given to the process of drying out the timber. Whether its softwood or hardwood timber, moisture must be extracted before it can be transported to suppliers across the world. Trees retain moisture in two ways – free water and cell water. Free water is the name given to moisture held within the cells to distribute nutrients and cell water is an essential part of the tree’s cell walls. During seasoning, the timber will lose its free water and a lot of its cell water. This means the wood is less likely to warp and deform. If timber is not seasoned, it will be difficult to work with due to its tendency to change shape.

Step Three: Sawmill 

Before the timber gets shipped over to us to be stored in our timber yards, it is cut down and processed in a sawmill. Each log is trimmed to remove curves and is processed into a board. This way, it is ready for cutting to size once it reaches our yards in the UK. 

Where are our softwood and hardwood timber yards?

Our timber supply comes from across the world, but when you purchase from us, your order will be shipped from one of our UK timber yard locations. Having a multitude of locations across the UK ensures we can deliver your timber on time and with little cost.


Our Nottingham timber yard was founded in 2002. From this yard we ship softwoods, hardwoods, components for decking and hardwood flooring. Each site has facilities that allow us to cut down timber to specific customer requirements. 

Danbury and Maldon

Our two Essex yards are situated in Danbury and Maldon. Our Maldon site is home to timbers from North America and Europe, as well as tropical hardwood timber from Africa and South America. Our Danbury site spans 12 acres and stores some of our softwoods and decking components. Just like our Nottingham site, both Essex yards are equipped with a team who will measure and grade timber to your tailored requirements. 


Our most recently founded yard has meant our delivery trucks have direct access to the North of England via the M28. Our timber can now be delivered to Yorkshire, Shropshire, and North Wales. This undercover storage site is stocked with hardwoods, softwoods, and other timbers.


All of our species of timber can be delivered to you made-to-measure.  Each of our sites are equipped to trim your timber down to the exact size you need. This reduces any waste and ensures that you have the correct amount of timber for your project. Importantly, we cut the timber slightly over-length so that if you need to crosscut, you can. 


Timber 2 U Direct can deliver straight to your door from any of our locations across the UK, so do not panic if our yards aren’t near you! All of our supplies are delivered in protective wrapping to ensure no harm comes to them during transportation and delivery. 

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