Equal cut to size wood

Cutting wood can be a tedious process that’s packed with opportunity for error. A mistake could easily have you wasting time and wood, which are two things that you can never get back no matter how hard you try. Cutting wood at equal lengths tends to be a task that’s feared by experienced handymen and beginner DIY enthusiasts alike, especially because there’s a huge margin for error that can keep the dimensions of any piece of wood unequal.

Fixing this problem requires a lot more than just marking every single piece of wood you’ve gathered and cut it at the exact point that you made. Cutting wood at equal lengths is a task that can easily make a small error into an even bigger one during your efforts to fix it, which can result in you having to start over again on another piece of wood.

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry! Cutting wood pieces at an equal length can be done easily with the right amount of care and knowledge. Here are some tips to keep in mind when attempting to cut wood pieces to the same lengths accurately:

// Cut multiple pieces at the same time

To cut out wood pieces at the same length, you can line up multiple pieces of similar thicknesses, clamp them together on a workbench or any flat surface, measure out the desired length you want, then mark them all together to make one whole line that can serve as your guide when you start working on each piece individually.

Going for this approach can save you a lot of time spent on individually measuring and cutting, which is a common mistake often committed by those who are new to working with wood.

// Make a pattern with a piece of wood

Take a piece of wood and measure out the length you want to get. Then, mark it at the point that corresponds to the length.

Once you’re happy with your measurement, make the final cut. The piece of wood that you made as a pattern can now be used to cut more wood of equal size. You can now place it on top of another piece of wood and cut along the edge of the wood pattern and onto the other piece to make a consistent cut that’s sure to result in pieces of equal length.

// Use a power mitre saw for equal cuts

If the amount of wood that you have to cut at equal lengths is more than you can clamp, you could opt for a power mitre saw so that you can cut multiple pieces of wood at an equal length to minimize any possible errors.

This method involves creating an auxiliary fence and a stop block that have an equal distance between them to the desired length for your wood. With the stop block and auxiliary fence in place, you can put your piece of wood and slide it until the end of the piece makes contact with the stop block, resulting in an equal cut!

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