Oak Cladding

Certain environmental factors can be the cause of a homeowner’s nightmare, especially if they’re residing in areas with extreme seasons. Thankfully, various construction techniques are available on the market, specifically designed to help protect buildings from any risk of damage. Timber cladding is one of the most effective forms of protection, but it’s gained productivity due to its multitude of benefits. 

Timber cladding follows a process that installs individual timber planks on a home’s exterior, which acts as ample support to the overall structural integrity of the house. The technique offers designers and homeowners alike a wide range of aesthetic designs and practical benefits, thereby maximizing the time and costs invested. 

Why else should you choose timber cladding, however? You may have other questions in mind, so here is a quick discussion of all its proven benefits: 

They’re easy to install

Since timber is naturally lightweight, timber cladding is the easiest and most convenient choice. The planks you’ll be using can easily be transported to and fro, ensuring that workers can complete the installation process in a short amount of time. They’re easy to handle and relatively inexpensive, making it the perfect choice if you’re working on a limited timeframe. You also don’t have to worry about extended construction time, ensuring that you stay well within your budget. 

They’re designed for longevity 

Since timber cladding has been designed to protect your home’s integrity, expect it to last for a long time. It is imbued with high impact resistance, ensuring that all damages to your home can be avoided. Any chip or scratch on the actual timber are normal, but they won’t be as apparent compared to other cladding materials. As with all things, you’ll need to ensure proper maintenance for higher durability, but other than that, expect value for money.

They’re cost-effective and energy-efficient

Although naturally lightweight, timber is also known for its innate insulating properties. Timber comes with low thermal conductivity, meaning that it fares better than the common choice of concrete and steel. Due to this, expect your energy consumption to lessen. You’ll be enjoying better warmth and cooling effects depending on the season, which saves you on costs in the long run.

They’re good for the environment

Since timber is a renewable resource, you’ll make sure that you do your part in saving the environment. Other construction materials are made from non-renewable materials, meaning that they do more harm than good in the long run. Timber cladding only uses a minimal amount of non-renewable energy, and the wood is also recyclable. 

Choosing Timber Cladding’s Versatility 

From everything gathered, it’s no wonder that most people choose timber to adorn their homes. Not only are they highly cost-effective and durable, they’re also naturally beautiful, topped off with sustainability policies that make it the perfect go-to construction material. By choosing timber cladding, you choose value for money, as its versatility is key to your home’s added protection and style. The only thing left to do now is to call your timber experts—protect your home in style and value today!

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