timber birdhouses

October half term is here, can you believe it?! With covid still effecting some events, and people trying to stay safe as we head into the colder months, you might be searching for ways to entertain your kids at home this year. Timber 2 U Direct have put together a range of projects you can do with your children over this October half term so you can keep them busy, whilst also having some fun in the house! 

Outdoor Timber Crafts 

Despite the weather getting a little chillier, there’s no reason why you and your children can’t still have fun making items for your garden. The material you use doesn’t have to be brand new either – why not upcycle some leftover wood from another garden project?

Timber Birdhouses and Feeding Stations

If you have animal lovers in your family, this project could be perfect. Adding a birdhouse to your garden will encourage all kinds of birds to nest and to take shelter. You can also build a bird feeding table. As we head into the winter, feeders and birdhouses like these are vital for the survival of some birds. You can even paint your masterpiece a colour of your choice.                

Once you’re done and you have placed them in your garden, keep an eye out for robins, starlings, sparrows, and blue tits that might visit them this winter!

Timber Tree Swing 

If you have a sturdy and robust tree in your back garden, you might want to give this easy project a go. All you need is a solid wooden plank and some strong rope. Drill two holes in either end of the timber plank and then tie your rope to it. You can then tie each piece of rope to a tree branch, and you’ve got a swing! A swing is perfect for keeping children entertained during the half term and on the weekends once they go back to school. 

Raised Timber Garden Planter

Creating a raised garden planter with your kids can encourage them to plant their own vegetables and watch them grow. You can also help them plant flowers in there to give your garden a little bit of colour during the colder months. Your garden planters can be made using old timber from sheds or old shelving you may have laying around. 

Indoor Timber Crafts

Now let’s move on to some projects you can complete inside the house. These will help to add a bit of character to any home or kids’ bedroom, and you can have the knowledge of knowing you and your kids made it yourselves.

Timber Dolls house

Dolls houses can be expensive so why not make your own? A beautiful addition to any children’s toy collection, your dolls house can be customised however you want. Let your child get creative with paint and glitter glue. You can even create custom wooden dolls, furniture, and décor for your dolls house. 

Timber Book Ends

Does your child love to read? Do they have an endless supply of books that need to be organised? This creation could be for you! Make custom bookends for your shelving to keep those books neat and tidy. This is another great customisable craft – create your kid’s initials, shapes, or even their favourite characters if you’re feeling artistic.

Storage Made From Timber

We all know that storing kids’ toys can be a nightmare. Why not solve the problem with some custom-made crates and shelving units? The benefit of making them yourself is that you get to choose your dimensions; if your child’s bedroom has an odd space that can be filled, you can build your storage and shelving, made to measure.


It would be criminal not to mention Halloween crafting projects. There are so many options that will keep the whole family busy and will make excellent decorations for your house on October 31st.

Ghoul Family

With some timber panelling, you and your family can create your own spooky family. Creating this project is as simple as attaching four planks of wood to a base and covering it in some paint. Paint each plank as a different monster – a Zombie, a pumpkin, a ghost, a vampire, a mummy – whatever scary creatures your kids want. Place this outside your door to greet any trick or treaters on Halloween! 

A Timber Coffin

Another scary decoration for inside or outside your house this Halloween – a coffin. Put a skeleton inside and decorate it with fake webs and plastic spiders to add that extra scary element. Use it to scare trick or treaters, or have inside your home as part of the spooky décor, for your Halloween party.

Christmas Prep 

December might be two months away, but it will soon creep up on you! If you’re looking to get ahead with your Christmas prep, why not start now? Here is a quick list of Christmas crafts you can do over the October half term with your kids: 

  • Make handmade wooden decorations for your tree, personalised to each member of your family.
  • Craft a timber Christmas countdown calendar.
  • Make a Christmas stocking holder, personalised with everyone’s names.
  • Create a wooden Christmas tree to go outside your home and decorate it with fairy lights.
  • Handmade ‘Santa stop here’ signs so Santa knows exactly where to drop his presents off this year.
  • Make a wooden Christmas card holder to proudly display the cards your children receive form their friends at school.

Get Crafting!

These are all great ideas, especially if you have left over timber from other projects that’s simply going to waste. However, if you don’t, Timber 2 U Direct can help. We are the online trading arm of Brooks Bros LTD and we can supply you with many types of made to measure timber. No matter what wood craft project you choose to do with your kids this half term, you know you can get the material from us and have it delivered directly to your door. 

For more information about our timber, contact us or call our team today on 0115 993 1111.