Cut Curves in Wood

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘machined timber’? In today’s blog post Timber 2 U Direct are here to tell you all about this type of timber. We are going to talk more about the range we have on offer and more information about how our machined timber is manufactured. 

What Is Machined Timber?

Machined timber is the name given to timber that has been cut and measured into a certain profile or length. It may also be treated, stained, or painted. This is done using the best technology and machinery. The technology ensures highly accurate measurements and specifications. 

Machined timber at Timber 2 U Direct

Here at Timber 2 U Direct, we believe that our machining and finishing options add value to our products. It allows us to offer a unique service that you won’t receive elsewhere. By offering custom machined timber our customers can save money. It will also allows greater flexibility with projects due to being able to tailor the timber to their needs. 

Each one of our timber yards in the UK has the ability to machine timber in a way that takes supplying timber that one step further. We are able to offer bespoke orders that fit customer’s measurements precisely. 

Choosing Your Timber 

At Timber 2 U Direct, we have over 50 species of machined timber to choose from. This includes softwoods(Douglas fir, Siberian larch, southern yellow pine, Western red cedar, Scandinavian redwood), tropical (iroko, meranti, sapele) and temperate hardwoods (ash, oak, beech, maple, tulipwood, walnut), and oak beams. To ensure our timber is accurately dried before we process it, we have 16 drying kilns that have a capacity of 1100 metres cubed. 


We have an automatic Weinig Rondamat 1000 CNC machine that can grind and sharpen our tools. This allows us to achieve a new level of precision when cutting wood. We use a moulding software to produce a CAD drawing and use it as a template to ensure our machined timber products are the best quality.

The Correct Width 

At our timber yards, we have 5 Raimann ProfiRip KM 310M multi-rip saws. These blades are exceptionally quick due to their rapid blade changing system, allowing a number of saw blades to be clamped and separately hand adjusted. These saws improve the timber yield and can produce perfectly parallel cuts. Timber 2 U Direct uses these machines to ensure your timber is cut neatly and precisely to your measurements. They are able to do this due to the laser beam guidance system within the machine. 

Machine Mills

Our state of the art facilities across the country are home to 23 moulders that ensure we can further precisely cut your machined timber. These machines offer high cutter speeds, the ability to cut up to a width of 300mm and faster set up speeds. Many of our machines are fitted with a universal head in order to produce articular complex profiled timber.

Different Types of Finishing

We offer different types of finishing on our profiled machined timber at Timber 2 U Direct. This allows further flexibility from our customers and opens them up to many more projects than before.

Lacquering, priming, staining, and painting – We have 12 finishing lines that are all equipped with sanding heads and dust extraction. This ensures the best possible finish on your wood. It will also mean that you can apply anything to your timber, whether that be a water based lacquer, a stain or even primer coats. 

Fire retardant treatments – we can offer you a full range of fire-retardant treatments in accordance with regulations, on solid wood panels and cladding. This means, if you want to use your timber for cladding your home, you can do so knowing that it’s a safe material and has been treated accordingly. This fire retardant treatment is applied by pressure impregnation process, and we can then put on lacquer, stain, or paint with a vacuum coat. 

Timber preservative treatment – these treatments can be applied using a double vacuum pressure system or we can coat it using our Universal Finishing line.

Profiled Products 

Now you know how our machined timber is made and cut, let’s take a look at some of the profiled products we offer. Whether you’re wanting to work on the interior or exterior of your home, Timber 2 U Direct has the product for you. 

Our interior range has everything from trims to skirting. Thanks to our high technology cutting machinery, we are able to produce any profile in the timber you require, to any length. We also supply box and flat window cill profiles. If you are looking to make a change in your home but don’t want to change it too drastically, Timber 2 U Direct recommend switching up your window cills for something new. 

If you are looking to externally improve your home, we offer two types of cladding and decking in a range of machined timbers. Adding cladding to your home can make your home more eco-friendly and will reduce your carbon footprint. Our timber cladding is also fire retardant, ensuring that covering your house in it is as safe as possible. Timber decking is a great way to overhaul your garden in time for the summer and with our many timber options, you can have stunning decking that lasts for years! 

Get Your Machined Timber Today! 

Now you know a bit more about machined timber and how it is manufactured and processed here at Timber 2 U Direct, you can browse the options we have and start planning your next timber project. 

Our made to measure machined timber comes in over 50 variations and can be delivered from one of our many timber yards in the UK, straight to your door. If you have any questions, please do not to hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team or call us on 0115 993 1111 – we would love to hear from you.