Cladding Building Plans

Timber cladding is created using long strips of hard or softwood timber and affixing them to the exterior or interior walls. Timber cladding has become a hugely popular feature on buildings and structures across the UK. It frequently appears on programs and is much loved by architects globally.

Timber cladding is a perfect solution for anyone looking to create a modern and stylish building. It is a sustainable building material, with strong environmental and economic benefits. Moreover, it is versatile and helps create unique and characterful buildings. Here are more reasons for the rise in popularity of timber cladding:

  1. Versatility in Design and Layout

One of the many advantages of timber cladding is its flexibility in terms of design and layout. Whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, it is easy to place in any direction that the designer finds most suitable. That makes it a highly versatile element to add to the structure of a built.

It is also available in different styles, such as the tongue, grooved, and V jointed and shiplap boarding. By arranging in various sizes and shapes, it can change its appearance drastically. Timber cladding turns simple structures into more aesthetically pleasing designs. It is also suited for use for both domestic and commercial properties.

  1. Colour and Style that Bring Out Character

There are many ways to add colour or texture to timber cladding. It is great for staining with different shades of varnishes. It is also well-suited with any desired paint. If used with its natural finish, it naturally fades into a silver-grey colour that adds a rustic or farmhouse look. The combination of its texture and colours brings a distinct character to the structure of a house or building. This makes it an ideal option for designers who want to transform a property at a relatively low cost completely.

  1. Great Insulation Features

Timber cladding is a product of nature that has powerful insulation features. It is capable of a high level of retention to help maintain the temperature inside a house or building. This leads to lower electricity costs by reducing the need for heating equipment. It is also great for cold weather as its warm appearance looks perfect with snowy white surroundings.

  1. Environmentally Sustainable

Aside from its beautiful appearance, timber cladding also has earth-friendly benefits. It is a renewable, sustainable, and recyclable material. It is considered as a popular option for “eco-homes” that are built by families that advocate sustainable living.

  1. Simple and Hassle-Free Installation

Timber cladding is a type of hardwood that is easy to cut and finish. The installation process is considered to be relatively straightforward. However, it might be regarded as labour-intensive to those who are planning to perform a DIY project.


Timber cladding is a popular finishing material for both commercial and domestic projects. Find a reliable supplier of timber cladding that assures quality, convenience, delivery, as well as support.

Timber 2 U Direct is a softwood timber cladding merchant with responsibly sourced timber from guaranteed well-managed forests. We are committed to supplying timber in the most sustainable way that is prepared, even for future generations. Whether the project is a modern building or a simple self-build, get in touch with Timber 2 U Direct today to achieve the best results.